Phone scammers invoking DTE name

DTE Energy and its Detroit Edison and MichCon subsidiaries are warning customers to watch out for telephone scams that are being used to obtain personal information about the utilities’ customers.
“DTE Energy has warned customers in the past about con artists who pose as utility workers in order to gain access to homes and personal property,” said Michael Lynch, DTE Energy’s director of corporate security. “Now we’re starting to see some new scams that utilize sophisticated telephone systems to fraudulently obtain personal information from our customers.”
In a recent telephone scheme, some Detroit area residents received recorded phone messages, purportedly from DTE Energy, saying their utility bill was overdue and their electric service would be disconnected. When the residents called the toll-free “800” number provided on the message, they were prompted to enter their name, address and social security number. The callers were then informed that they had received the phone call in error, and that everything was fine.
“This particular automated telephone system was very professional sounding, and even included various menu options to help callers address the alleged billing problem,” Lynch said. “We were able to work with authorities to shut down this phone number, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see a similar scam turn up again.”
While DTE Energy does contact customers by phone for billing and marketing purposes, Lynch said the company never uses computerized telephone calls to obtain personal information from customers.
“Identity theft is a growing problem, and there are con artists out there who are always looking for new ways to victimize innocent people,” Lynch said. “We want customers to know that if they receive a phone call claiming to be from Detroit Edison or MichCon, and they want to verify the authenticity of the call, they should contact DTE Energy at (800) 477- 4747.”

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  1. geraldine cullinan says:

    Nov. 25 2008

    I just recieved one of these calls about an hour ago . It came up on my caller ID as DTE energy. I was suspicious of the call so I did not answer it.
    I tried calling the number back but a recording said that number was disconnected.
    So, beware, these people are still out there doing business.

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  5. james ahler says:

    i recieved a call , this morning . wanted to know my acct# for my gas bill ?? said they could give me a fixed rate on my gas .i hung up.. not sure who it was, caller id did not pick up a #??

  6. Charles Slat says:

    This could have been a third-party natural gas marketer. There are a couple of companies — Lakeside Energy is one of them — that have been doing substantial phone marketing offering gas supply contracts at rates slightly lower than the predominant gas supplier in the area. It’s all legit, but the best response is to do what you did, or ask them to send their proposals in written form so you have time to fully consider their offer.

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