Bamboo clothing said to be rayon

The Federal Trade Commission is charging four textile companies with misleading consumers into thinking their products were made from bamboo when they actually were made from synthetic rayon.
To read the article and see the complaint, click here.

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  1. Mo says:

    Actually, what the FTC said was that the products in question are not made from ‘bamboo fiber’, they are made from ‘viscose (fiber) from bamboo’.

    The reason there is no such thing as bamboo fiber is because the FTC says there isn’t. The FTC does not ‘recognize’ ‘bamboo fiber’ therefore it does not ‘exist’.

    The reality is that the products are made from a fiber (viscose, or rayon) that is derived from bamboo.

    Further to this discussion, we believe the FTC is wrong about the antimicrobial properties of ‘viscose (fiber) from bamboo’ as well as the biodegradability. Hopefully, in the coming weeks or months we will see a retraction of the ruling on those issues.

    Bamboo as a source material for textiles remains a good choice.

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