Get paid to drive your car? Nah

The FBI’s Internet crime center said it’s received several complaints involving a scam that convince’s the victims they can make big bucks advertising a company’s logo on their personal vehicle while they go about their normal daily routine. Those scammed reported they responded to an online posting seeking car owners who would be willing to have a vinyl decal or auto “wrap” on their vehicles advertising companies such as Coca Cola, Monster Energy drink, Carlsberg beer, Heineken Co., and Red Bull.
Victims were advised they would be paid an average of $400-$600 per week inexchange for driving around with vinyl advertising signs wrapped around their vehicle.
Those interested in participating were asked to provide their contact information
and vehicle details. They were promised an up-front payment, which would be sent
by check or money order. Those who fell for the scam received a check or money order for more than the promised amount. They were directed to cash it and wire the difference to a third party, who was supposed to be the graphics designer to pay for the cost of the design. The checks and money orders turned out to counterfeit and the criminals, once again, were able to convert fraudulent checks and money orders into untraceable cash, leaving the victim responsible for the bank’s losses.

4 Responses to “Get paid to drive your car? Nah”

  1. Karina Lero says:

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  2. Grace Romans says:

    I too responded to an ad regarding wrapping my car with a vinyl ad, got a reply with a link to this website….. http://WWW.GET-PAID-TO-DRIVE-YOUR-CAR.COM. the reply was a little fishy because of the way it was worded so I decided to check them out! the person that responed to me said his name was Edward Doty! an american name but the person that responded sounded like he didn’t speak real good english!! glad I checked it out!! I have the email he sent me if you wish to see it!! thank you, Grace.

  3. logan says:

    I gave them my information and ever got the check but once I found out I would have to put the check in my bank and get money to pay for the wrap I said no way. I still have the check what do you think I should do with it


  4. this asshole should die a violent death , and he will get his if i could find him i promise he would not see the sun rise tomorrow morning lucky for me i have NO FAITH IN OUR BANKING SYSTEM IN THIS COUNTRY SO HE DID NOT MAKE A RED CENT ON ME NOR DID HE GET ME CAUGHT UP I JUST PRAY
    TO GOD((THAT WOULD be JESUS CHRIST)) that his whole family dies in fire,, these kind of low lifes are the worst,,,, and he could not spell or wright proper
    english to save his life ,,, stupid ass

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