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My new privacy fence

I love past summers when corn was planted in the field next to our house.  It provided a nice block from the dusty road to the west of our house.  This summer wheat was planted in the field.  Ugh.  There went my nice block from seeing cars drive by on the road.   Let’s get real about why I liked tall corn:  I like to hang out in our baby pool without an audience.  Adults are supposed to be in big pools, not sharing a 2’ tall one with a toddler.  But this week we got a privacy fence!  Here it is:

Bam!  Isn’t she a beauty?

Oh, I crack myself up!  For those of you who don’t know, this is a silage bag.  It’s used when you don’t have enough silo space for chopped corn.  The drought this year cut our hay crop by more than half, so it was necessary to chop more corn to have enough feed for the cattle.

So while it isn’t what I had in mind for blocking the road, corn is much prettier, I know it’s necessary.  And honestly, it does a pretty good job of hiding me relaxing in the backyard.

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