Farm Wives and Daughters

Farm living from the girls' perspectives

Little farm girl

I am prejudiced, but this photo of my granddaughter doing chores melts me. emilyTotally unconcerned about her appearance and determined to get the job right and feed the baby, she is so like her mother and probably me, too at that age (4 1/2).  My daughter says that when they had this opportunity to care for triplet goat kids the children misunderstood her and called the lamb nipples “nibbles”.  Children of a compassionate vet have even more opportunity than most farm kids to learn to care for a variety of animals and they seem to enjoy it a great deal.

Last year they fed a lamb with a badly broken leg until it healed and then, let out for exercise, it chased and tried to bunt them. They hopped up on a woodpile, then one of the 6-year-old boys started for the house with the lamb right behind him, swinging its one stiff leg out sideways like a crutch. The boy just barely closed the door fast enough to prevent the lamb entering the house, then he ran out the back door and let it chase him back to the woodpile. I was there and wished for my camera but was laughing too hard to hold it steady, anyway.

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