Your Hunting and Fishing Licenses for 2007

Now is the time to get your fishing and hunting licenses for this year.  There has been a lot of talk, townhall meetings and newspaper articles regarding increased fees for the ’07 season.  As of right now, all the fees are at  2006 prices. 

This does not mean they will remain the same all season.  There is a chance that the state government could pass legislation where fees would be increased later this hunting and fishing year.  The only reason for it not taking place now, is that there was an outcry from the outdoorsman of Michigan. 

If you do not agree with the proposed legislation, contact your state representative in the house and senate, and let them know.

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2 Responses to Your Hunting and Fishing Licenses for 2007

  1. fisherman's wife says:

    the husband told me to hurry up and get mine because fees are increasing dramatically as of this monday morning!

  2. Mason says:

    I made a few calls, both Cabela’s and Knuston’s had not heard anything. The last call was to the State Park Party Store in front of Sterlin State Park. They had just heard the rates would increase on April 1st. I cannot confirm this on a Sunday, but I have sent some emails out and should have a definite answer tomorrow. Just to be sure, I’ll be running out today and get my licenses today too.

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