Can there be a worst day?

Shelby LynnWith the recent loss of my 3 yr old beagle Piper, less than a month later, I had to put down my other 7 year old beagle Shelby.  Here is pic of her as a pup.  Not a better dog ever lived,  a true friend and companion.  Never ran away, didn’t stray and always came when called.  Just a true creature of God, and the most loving animal I have ever known.  She would just be licking and kissing my girlfriend whenever she came by,  and always had that lil’ cry of excitement to see her, or others folks that she came to know.

diggin for bunniesShe also had her funny side.  Not being dressed up in a Halloween or Christmas suit,  but in her mannerisms.  She was a relentless hunter and the best 10 bucks I ever spent,  for thats all she cost me, to cover the shots the owner had given her as a pup.  Here is a pic, with my camera phone, where she is on the left, and my lab Bonnie on the right. They are both trying to find that elusive rabbit that ran to its hole.  Just about dug out the whole ditch bank.  Yes, the rabbit got away.


She was a good dog to be sure.

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