Log Books

Its always good to have it in writing. Its an old saying that holds true for fishing as well, or hunting and probably a number of other outdoor activities, like maybe hunting mushrooms. Having a reliable reference source can ensure improved success from trip to trip, or even from season to season.

Log in the days, times, months, winds, temps, depths and lures being used. Use a written account, as a backup for your GPS information. Don’t trust anything electronic for the long haul, a GPS or fish locator can crash, go on the fritz or die just as easily as your computer at home.

It is really helpful if you had a digital recorder out on the boat with you, just to get as much detail down as accurately possible. I just thought of that one, so don’t go looking for me on the Crestliner talking into a lil black box. The key is to write it down as soon as possible after your fishing venture.

Writing it down, also is a tool for committing the information into your long term memory. Its a learning tool I learned to use at EMU while working on my bachelor’s degree. The more repitition, the more you tend to retain. Its kind of like learning your multiplication tables, before some brainiac decided it was ok for elementary kids to use a calculator, it was just easier to remember and retain for later applications. Small wonder that the person at the secretary of state’s office didnt understand how I figured out the tax on a $25,000 truck so quickly today.

Anyhoo, when you look back years from now, you can compare past information with present data, good chance what worked then, will work now, as well.

good luck

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