Always remember to…

Retie your lines every night. It doesnt seem like a huge thing to do, but well worth the time it takes to sit around. I had been playing around with my medium action casting rod for just about everything the whole trip. Never caught a huge fish on it, so it slipped my mind. The last day of fishing, I am out playing around and get a small backlash. It was tight, and jerked the line back hard. Sure enough, my chartruse spinnerbait just kept on flying. I dropped the trolling motor and cruised the area looking for it. GONE.

When you check your line before redoing your knots, do not just clip that end off either, you are much better off taking 3 or 4 foot off. If you are using monofilament, look for knicks in the line. When using braids, its a lil harder to tell, so just strip a few feet off and do it again. Its better than losing a $7 lure, or a 10 to 40 lb fish!!!

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