Illinois Hunters One Step Ahead

Michigan is falling behind the times again.  While the governor wants to raise the rates, she and the DNR should be looking at keeping the hunters we have still active.

Illinois has just passed a law, where anyone over the age of 60 years, can hunt with a crossbow. No longer are they being forced to find a hunting friendly physcian and therapist to get a permit to pursue deer with a crossbow.

Look at all the hunters who are just physically unable to pull back a bow, even with the amount of let off available today, who just quit bow hunting.  Even those with poor shoulders, who just cant take the pounding of hunting with a rifle anymore, would probably turn to hunting with a crossbow during rifle season.

All that means continued revenue for the DNR and its programs,  money that has factored in as a loss already when looking at aging hunters.  I will be contacting Randy Richardville, and forwarding on this information.  I suggest you do the same.


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