Gearing up the Quad

Quad with toteAfter getting the auger mount on the front rack,  I started looking on the internet for a tote or storage box that I could use to lighten my shanty up.  To get the size I wanted, it was going to cost a few bucks, few hundred actually.  Luckily, the family tradition of never throwing anything  away was successfully handed down to me.  This is what I came up with,  too bad I didn’t think of it sooner, could have done some before and after pics.

Most of the totes and storage racks and packs were either soft sided,  or too large.  They actually would have fit on the rear rack ok, but only if I removed the back rail along the composite rack.  A fairly easy thing to do,  I just didn’t want to do it.  It just comes in handy for a number of reasons.  What I basically wanted was a storage box, and in most cases what I found was really more of a second seat (often padded) with storage in what looked like arm rests and one for the back too.  I am not entirely sure why this is, there are very few quads out there where riding double is legal.  This Polaris isn’t one of them, besides that style didn’t offer enough storage space.

Side viewI found an old Rubbermade tote that had some camping supplies just sitting there,  since the last time it was used was by my brother,  I don’t think I would have even trusted the coffee, much less the pie filling.  So into a box it went to meet the trash next Tuesday.  Cleaned it up, and scrubbed it down, but something else had to be done before I tackled the idea of mounting the tote to the rack.  Originally it was tan and green, and even though it was going to be just for storing my ice gear ( first aid, auger repair kit, flasher, tackle, camera and other small items ) I wanted it to look nice, like it was made for it.

I looked through the shop, and of course I had some black paint in the storage closet.  A can of black gloss,  and a couple of coats later, this is what it looked like.  Again, I should have done some pics going through the steps of converting it to an ice tote, but that whole hindsight thing comes into play.  That will probably be a reoccurring theme for years to come.  I get an idea, start the work, finish the work and then think, I should have had a camera during this whole ordeal.

The next step was to secure the tote to the back composite rack.  If something is on sale, it gets picked up, never mind that I don’t need it right at the moment, but it could be years later, and I will find a use for it.  Same thing here with the latches I used on the side of the tote.  To help reinforce the inside, I cut three by four inch rectangles, drilled my holes with the press, used the hand drill on the tote, ran the bolts through and secured them. Next I took the composite rack off, installed eye bolts near the front, and put the rack back on.

Rear ViewAttaching the tote to rack was fairly easy.  I took bungee cords, and rapped them around the rack until I had just enough left to snuggly secure the tote to the newly installed latches.  This actually left the tote quite secure and there was no play in the tote at all.  I think I picked up this redundant gene from my dad years back, so just in case something happened to the lid, I wanted to secure it also.  I ran a 48″ bungee under the back rail to the front.  Too loose, so I went to the tool box and picked up some wire cutters.  Snipped off the coil spring hook, measured the stretched out bungee,  and snipped off the excess.  Before reattaching the hook, I threaded the bungee through that eye bolt in the front of the rack.  I did this so that if the bungee was loose it wouldn’t fall off, the metal coil would prevent it from snaking back through.  There is absolutely no conceivable way this thing is coming off.

Equipment in tote

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2 Responses to Gearing up the Quad

  1. Barb says:

    Great idea !!! It looks alot better than having the 3 buckets !

  2. Mason says:

    I still plan on getting the three bucket rack from Mad Dog after going to the championship. Plan on using it for tip ups, fish and maybe the camera. Havent decided yet which will ride in the box, tackle or the camera. It should mount under the tote to the composite rack.

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