A New Year

or is that a new season.  Either way the 2008 open water fishing season is fast approaching.  As much as I want it to hold off for another month or so,  there will be walleye fishing on Erie before you know it come April and May.  Heading west and fishing crappie and gills in the Irish Hills area, or way up North for the northern pike opener in the Upper Peninsula come June.

 If you held off after last season to replace tackle and gear, its time to start making your list of items to get to make the upcoming season as successful as it can be.  You don’t have to rush out and start buying now, just making the list is a big step in the right direction.  There are maintenance chores to be done too, cleaning reels and getting the grease packed in.  Getting fresh line fits into that category as well, do this last and check the boxes for dates.  Try to get line made in 2008 to get it as fresh as possible, it makes a difference.

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