Board Pics and Sale @ Frank’s

Here are the pics of the TX-22 Specials.  These are the boards from Church Tackle that can be converted from either running port (left) or starboard (right).  You can see the two holes under the tow arm with the pinch pad (this holds your line from the rod).  Just take the two screws out and re-insert when you turn the board over.  The next task needed to convert the board are two screws in the top and bottom center position.  These hold the weight and foam on the backside of the board, so turn the foam over and reattach the weight to the “new” bottom.  Lastly,  take out the screw holding the flag, and put back on so that it is in the right position.

Church TX-22 Specials


When you go to store the boards,  just push the flags back so that they are now behind the board.

Flags folded for storage


You can choose to run the boards without the flags.  They are not part of the tattle tail system that can be installed on the orange boards, and many choose to run the boards without the flag.  I have found that for some reason the boards do run smoother in the water with the flags attached.  It is also handy to have the flags on, if nothing else, just so the knuckleheads fishing around you know where your lines are at.  If you have the original Mr Walleye boards, you can go to Frank’s Great Outdoors and just purchase the flag by itself.  Click on Planer Board Flag

Flag w/ stainless screws

If you go to their main page (Frank’s),  you will also notice that there is a sale going on on the original boards.  $19.99 is the best price I have seen in quite some time,  its at least 3 bucks cheaper, and closer to $5 off what other stores charge.  Click on Church Tackle Main Page

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