New DNR Fishing Proposal

It sounds like the DNR has come up with a pretty good proposal that would increase the number of lines anglers can use for all species, Great Lake and inland lake alike.  For the last couple of years this has been in effect already for salmon and trout fishing on the Great Lakes.  It could very well have been a trial run for this proposal that they have now made.  A study of sorts to see what effect the extra line would make on the salmonoid fishery.

This would also be in effect throughout the year and thus also apply to ice fishing under the current proposal.  An angler could have three tip-ups,  one rod and two tip-ups, or two rods and a tip-up set up on the ice.  For anglers on the open water who just want to get their limit and get out of the sun, you could be cutting out some serious  time for being on the water.  Not too mention saving a little fuel while trolling.

Click on THREE ROD PROPOSAL, for an article found on the “outdoornewsdailey”  website

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