Tax Rebate: Salmon Divers and Attractors

Ok, now that my bout with insomnia seems to be over, lets tackle salmon divers and attractors on a $300 budget from your tax return.  Originally,  I wanted to include this in with the lures and even though it was three am, things were clear to me….This jus’ ain’t gonna happen!  Although salmon fishing cannot touch the cost of muskie fishing per lure, by the time you add everything up on the end of the line,  it gets on par pretty quick!  Diver-10 bucks, flasher- 12 bucks and put a 7 dollar spoon at the end and it adds up quickly.

Sooooooooo, for the sake getting the most bang for  you buck; divers, flashers and dodgers ….oh my!  Divers come in two categories; the round disc and everything else shapes.  For years and years, Luhr Jensen ruled the market in both types with their Dipsey Diver and Jet Divers.  Today, there are lots of companies competing in the market, which can be a good thing for consumers.  Take Walker’s Deeper Divers, no more screwdrivers or adding extra rings (weights).

Deeper Diver


They actually have all sizes available from the 45mm which can be used for walleye fishing, way up to the desert plate sizes for getting those mid-summer, deep water salmon.

The “attractors” have also gone through change due to increasing competition in the market place.  Again, for years, the standard was the “dodger”  and Luhr Jensen again had a big chunk of that market.  The dodger type attractor has a unique side to side action.  Then came the “Hootchie Mamma” and it seemed liked the “flashers” took over the market.  They might not have been the first, but they certainly had a big chunk of the sales.  These like the Dreamweaver SpinDoctor below, go through the water in circles, maximizing the amount of flash that can be seen by the fish.  They also take your spoon or fly around in a circle teasing the fish into a bite.



next up: electronics


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