What Makes a Good Perch Rod?

If you are running the old standard rigs like the horizontal and vertical spreaders, a nice moderately priced glass rod will do the trick.  You want something that will have some give if you plan on placing the rod in a holder while you jig with another rod.

If you plan on jigging with both hands, or only one while perch fishing, a good graphite rod is preferred.   Its no secret I like St. Croix Rods; made in the USA, and owned by an American company.  Who knew there was more to Wisconsin than just cheese? Actually lots more, including Little Atom plastic baits, but will stay focused on rods for now.

Actually the links to the website are clicking for me tonight…  www.stcroixrods.com

So let me describe what l like to use.  The ultra light and light action rods work really  well while anchored.  Smaller jigs offer more finesse opportunities.  Both the Premier and Avid series have this base covered.  Most of my rods are the Avids, and they offer better all around sensitivity due to their higher carbon density.  Thats graphite in generic terms.  Think of it as about a IM-10 rating.

Rig the rod with a good no stretch brait like Power Pro’s 5 or 8 lb test.  The deeper the water, the more the line plays a factor.  Mono’s will decrease your hook up percentages.  Tie in a 4 or five foot section of fluorocarbon for your stealth approach, and then tie in your bait or rig.

Rod lengths are a matter of preference first off, then consider the length and how you are fishing.  Shorter rods should be used for vertical jigging for greater control.  If you are drifting through a zone, then a longer rod is preferred, something like 6 and 1/2 or 7 foot in length.

Will have more on perch fishing as the week continues. good luck out there



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