Favorite Pike Tactics

 One of my favorite ways to land pike is with the use of a spinnerbait.  Like many other types of baits that are effective, a spinnerbait can be fished in a variety of ways.  Fast, slow, shallow and deep.

Fishing for Pike

Most anglers fish from the drop-offs into the shallows and then retrieve their lures back out to the boat over the deeper water.  A very productive method is to reverse your position when casting.  I picked this up from an In-Fisherman video on muskie tactics yrs ago, and has proven itself many times since then.  Navigate the shallow water edges of an inland lake.  Cast out into the deep, let the spinnerbait sink, give the rod tip a sharp jerk to straighten the bait out, and begin your retrieve.  Often you will get pike that are in the cooler thermoclines to come up and chase your bait.

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