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Goby Sighting in the Upper Peninsula

Thursday, August 28th, 2008

Not sure how, but while walking Bonnie and the pups through some of the old trails around the cabin I found a surprise in one of the lakes.  Floating right by the shore was a Goby, dead, but it was still in the water.

How it got there is quite the mystery, because there isn’t a public launch at that lake.  Long ago the forestry placed posts along the shore where there had been a launch.  So long ago, I have no memory of ever seeing it any different.  My only thought on it is that perhaps it was in bait purchased, and then taken to the lake while folks taking to the lake in canoes came through.

Again, not sure how, but there are Gobies now in the inland lakes of the Upper Peninsula.

Matthew’s First Annual Perch Derby

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

We will be having Matthews Bait & Tackles first annual perch derby!!!!

September 20th.

This is a friendly tournament / event to help promote our wonderfull PERCH FISHERY!!! It is terrific for the kids, it is PERCH fishing anyone can win!!!

The entry fee is $25.00 per boat. We will weigh in and measure your 5 heaviest PERCH in your catch. There is a 6 person per boat limit on passengers.

All contestants must check in at Matthews between 5:30a.m. and 7a.m the morning of the event. Please sign up and register prior to the event if possible to allow for an easy transition for all fisherman to get bait & tackle and get on the water.

Weigh in will be at 3p.m. sharp!!

We will be paying out the top 3 spots as well as giving out some miscellaneous door prizes and a 50/50 raffle.

All participants will recieve a 25% discount on all fishing tackle in the store after the weigh in!!!

We will have food & snacks after the weigh in for participants to enjoy.

So come out and enjoy the day with us!!!

Capt. Mike call 734-244-6217 to register today!!


Come out and see the guys and the weigh-in, get involved and take advantage of the 25% off everything in the store, good luck

Home again, and first Fishing Report for Erie

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

Just got back in last night about 2 am, and can tell right away that there hasn’t been a whole lot of rainfall in these parts since I left.  Guess one good thing is that I won’t have to cut any grass.  Will have some good, some decent pics of fish from the Upper Peninsula in a day or two while I unpack all the gear.

Here is the latest email that I picked up from Captain Mike over at Matthew’s B&T in Bolles Harbour.  Sounds like the perch have been hitting while I was North.


Nice catches of PERCH were once again brought in for cleaning this weekend. I saw allot of fish in the 10\” to 12\” range this weekend.

As usual shiners and PERCH rigs took a majority of the fish. Try the Gold Blade / Green Beaded horseshoe spreader it did well for most this weekend!

We have both shiners and fathead minnows in stock, both were reportedly taking PERCH over the weekend.

3 areas to try.

2 miles north of E-Bouy 22\’. S-Bouy, and out near the Turn Around Bouy.

Stop in and see us this week!!!

Some WALLEYE are still being taken on a slow yet consistant pace. The dumping grounds seems to be holding a small and concentrated school of eyes at the north eastern corner.

Crawler Harnesses and Crawlers or Leeches are working beast.

Good Luck & Tight Lines,

Capt. Mike

Fish and Chicken Fry

Saturday, August 16th, 2008

We had a small get together last night for my aunt who flew in from Washington state and the neighbors, menu was chicken, walleye and fries.  Dishes to pass, and the kicker for the night was when one neighbor came back with sliced peppers she was put in an egg wash, then drubbed in flour. Hot, mild and bell peppers, all tasted fantastic.

cook pad


fry station


homemade cook cart


fry mix shakers


chicken fries walleyeA


And the star of the show, Lani

damn cute



Perch are HITTING

Friday, August 15th, 2008

One party down, one more to go.  While I finish up around the house, and pack my gear for my annual trek to the land above the bridge…..get out, while the getting is GOOD.

 The perch are in, and in Michigan, out in front of Luna Pier.  This in from Matthew’s B&T.


Nice catches of PERCH started coming through the doors on Thursday and have continued to do so.

Nice catches ranging from 10lbs to 46lbs have been brought in for cleaning this week.

The best news, the fish are in MICHIGAN WATERS. The best fishing right now has been from Otter Creek south to in front of Luna Pier in 17′ of water. Make sure you get enough shiners to last!! There have been some schools of white perch that like to float through from time to time and they really enjoy stealing minnows.

This is the start to a great fishing season for the next 10 to 12 weeks. Get out and fill your buckets as soon as you can.


Stop in for your shiners and ask Mike or Jason exactly where the perch are located via GPS coordinates.  The guys are there to serve you, and do a fine job of it.  Rig  up some spreaders and droppres and Good Luck fishing, enjoy a gorgeous weekend!

Dick’s Sporting Goods, now shopping online

Thursday, August 14th, 2008

Like Gander Mountain, Dick’s has recently added online shopping to their website.  Again, fairly limited at this point, but look for it to grow with time.

I certainly do not understand why companies as big as these two brands would bother offering web shopping, unless the website was up and ready to go, full steam ahead. But it is what it is, and more items will be added in the future.

DNR Fishing Report for August 14th

Thursday, August 14th, 2008


Southeast Lower PeninsulaLake Erie - Has fair walleye fishing with most boats bringing in two or three fish per trip. Trolling bottom bouncers in 25 feet of water near the Fermi Plant and Stony Point was producing most of the fish. Perch were being caught in 18 feet of water off Stony Point and Bolles Harbor near the E Buoy. A few smallmouth were caught.

Huron River - Fishing has been slow. About the only thing biting is catfish, carp and freshwater drum. A few pike were caught on bluegills in the backwaters.

Detroit River - Catfish action continues to be good and a few perch have been caught. Walleye fishing has been fair to good. Anglers are using bottom bouncers with crawler harnesses in the Trenton Channel. Good colors were chartreuse, purple or anything that glows.

Lake St. Clair - Nice muskie have been caught when anglers can find clear waters to fish. The muskie is a sight feeder so the cleaner the water the better.

St. Clair River - Anglers are catching some walleye when trolling crawler harnesses with bottom bouncers.

Saginaw Bay - Walleye fishing has slowed considerably for the time being. Strong winds have stirred up the bay and floating weeds and algae were causing some problems with lines. Experienced anglers are reporting large quantities of forage fish showing up on their fish finders, and this may help account for the bite slowing down. A few perch were caught out near the Spark Plug and on the edge of the Black Hole.

Saginaw River - A few walleye are still being caught in the lower river by those trolling the edge of the shipping channel.

Southwest Lower Peninsula

St. Joe - Boat anglers are taking chinook and some steelhead when fishing straight out or north of the pier. Spoons and J-plugs worked best in 75 to 85 feet of water.

Grand Haven - Fish are being caught around the piers in the early morning. Boats are trolling shallow with glow plugs or spoons. Pier anglers are catching salmon and perch on slider rigs with alewife.

Grand River at Grand Rapids - Walleye are hitting on crawlers or small crank baits. The channel cats are hitting on cut bait and more flatheads are being caught on big suckers. Large pike are still hitting on big spinners or large sucker minnows.

Grand River at Lansing – Has good channel cat action below the dams. Try crawlers, liver, or shrimp. Below the North Lansing Dam, crawlers were the ticket.

Red Cedar River - Rumor has it some northern pike have been caught off the walking bridge in Williamston. The fish are not real big but some keepers were taken. Try buck tail spinners or sucker minnows under a bobber.

Reeds Lake - The big bluegills are hitting on spinners. The fish are suspended about halfway down in waters 15 to 40 feet deep. Crappies were hitting on minnows and some big bass have been caught in the early morning or evening when using top water lures such as an artificial frog.

Muskegon - Strong winds pushed salmon and trout in towards the harbor. Boats are fishing from the end of the piers out to waters 80 feet deep.

Whitehall - Salmon action picked up with fish caught in 80 to 100 feet of water. Flies, spoons or J-plugs are catching fish. A few salmon have also been caught off the pier. Perch were caught by pier anglers when using minnows.

Northeast Lower Peninsula

Rogers City - Fishing remains strong when anglers can get out. Lots of bait fish were reported in 45 to 85 feet of water. Good places to fish have been straight out of the harbor, south towards the breakwall at Calcite, between Swan Bay and Adams Point or near the State Park and Forty Mile Point. They are taking a mixed bag of chinook, atlantic, lake trout, brown trout and walleye 30 to 45 feet down. Lead core with 3, 5,7or 10 colors with planer boards have caught fish. Good colors were blue and silver, green and silver, orange glow, purple and black with glow, yellowtail, or black and white.

Presque Isle - This port has been a real victim of the weather and strong winds have scattered the fish. When boats can get out, they were taking a mix of salmon, trout and walleye straight out of the harbor, between the lighthouses, off Thompson Harbor and Black Point.

Alpena - Fishing activity in Thunder Bay has been slow. Salmon and trout have been caught 100 to 150 feet down in waters 200 to 250 feet deep. Some are putting fish in the box and some are not. Walleye have been caught on perch-style lures or gold lures in 40 feet of water.

Thunder Bay River - Anglers are out trying to find fish however they were not having much luck.

Fletchers Pond - Limit catches of bass, pike and panfish have been caught.

Hubbard Lake - Is producing some walleye.

Harrisville - Fishing has slowed for both salmon and lake trout. Those able to get out did find fish 80 to 90 feet down in waters 120 to 140 feet deep. Try spoons or body baits in a variety of colors.

Oscoda - Fish were detected north of the river mouth in 100 to 140 feet of water. Most were suspended and hitting on spoons, wobble glows or body baits.

Tawas - Those trolling are taking fair walleye catches south of Tawas Bay and near Alabaster in 30 feet of water. Walleye were also caught when night fishing along the weedbeds off Jerry’s Marina.

Au Gres - Walleye fishing was best in 25 to 30 feet of water south off the hotel which is south of the Au Gres River.

Higgins Lake - Limits of lake trout are still being caught. The better fishing comes in the early morning or evening when there is less boat traffic. Look for perch around the Sunken Island. Rock bass are still hitting in good numbers and pike can be found along the drop-off in 35 feet of water.

Houghton Lake - Walleye fishing slowed with the cooler weather. Some big bluegills have been caught along the weedbeds in 6 to 10 feet of water. Crawlers or leeches are working best. Bass can still be found along the weeds when casting crawlers, spinners or tube baits.


Northwest Lower Peninsula

Elk Lake - Smallmouth fishing continues to be good. Anglers are fishing all the usual hot spots while using tube baits, sinkos, rapalas, Hot-n-Tots, crank baits and spinners. Fish ranged from 10 to 18 inches. Effort for muskie has been low but consistent in waters 25 to 40 feet deep from Whitewater Park to north of the Narrows. For lake trout, anglers are trolling spoons in 85 to 160 feet of water between the Narrows and Rex Point and from Spencer Bay to the Whitewater Park. A few perch were caught in 12 to 24 feet of water and rock bass are in 4 to 7 feet of water.

Skegemog Lake - Catch rates for bass have been good. Anglers are fishing the flats between the mouth of the Torch River and the access site at Baggs Road. Pike action has picked up on the north side of the Narrows and near the mouth of the Torch River when using rattle traps, crank baits or stick baits in 7 to 16 feet of water. Rock bass were in 5 to 20 feet of water and the bluegills in 10 to 12 feet.

Frankfort - North winds have pushed good numbers of salmon into the harbor. Pier and boat anglers have been doing very well with J-plugs.

Lake Cadillac - Perch are hitting on minnows just off the bottom in 15 to 20 feet of water. Crappie fishing has been good on the east side of the lake.

Lake Mitchell - Largemouth bass are hitting on crawlers, leeches or artificial frogs. Try fishing around structure or weedbeds in the morning or evening.

Manistee - Salmon fever is in full swing on Lake Michigan. Recent north winds pushed a lot of chinook into the harbor. Limit catches were taken in 100 feet of water in front of the piers when using pearl or glow plugs. Pier anglers have caught chinook salmon when casting glow spoons.

Hamlin Lake - Fishing has been slow but some fish were caught around the drop-offs in both lakes. Fish were caught in 6 to 20 feet of water between the State Park and Wilson Hill Park. Those jigging with minnows off the dunes did find some crappie and walleye and crawlers produced a few bass and bluegills in the shallows.

Ludington - Boat anglers are catching good numbers of salmon from the piers out to 100 feet of water when using glow plugs. Pier anglers caught salmon in the early morning when casting glow spoons. A few perch were caught off the pier when fishing close to shore.

Pentwater - Salmon fishing has been good and the action has been consistent. The best fishing is down off Silver Lake however anglers will need to use caution because of commercial nets in that area.

Upper Peninsula

Keweenaw Bay - Those trolling for salmon had fair success 30 to 40 feet down in waters 40 to 60 feet deep from the Baraga Marina to Sand Point. Those jigging for lake trout found fish out from the pine tree on Pequaming Point. Those trolling for lake trout did well out from Point Abbey in 130 to 150 feet of water and out near the Huron Islands in 150 to 180 feet of water. In the South Portage Entry, salmon were caught up near the lighthouse and lake trout near Farmers Reef.

Menominee - Those trolling for walleye were doing poorly with no fish caught. As for salmon, fair catches of chinook, steelhead and lake trout were reported north of Green Island in 50 to 70 feet of water.

Menominee River - Walleye were still being caught in the deep holes when drifing crawlers. Smallmouth bass, channel cats, rock bass and freshwater drum are still being caught between the mouth and the Hattie Street Bridge.

Cedar River - Good numbers of smallmouth bass and freshwater drum are being caught. Most are using crawlers or crank baits.

Green Bay - Boat anglers were staying closer to shore and only picking up one or two fish per boat. Try spoons in the lower half of waters 70 feet deep.

Marquette - Limits of lake trout have been caught when boats can get out. The fish seem to be out deep. A couple chinook salmon were caught in shallow waters in the upper harbor.

Au Train - Most anglers are still catching lake trout when trolling on the back side of Au Train Island.

Munising - Anglers fishing the Wood Island Shoals and have picked up lake trout.

Grand Marais - Has good fishing with limits of lake trout coming in. The fish have moved out a little deeper to 160 to 230 feet of water. In some cases, it takes anglers longer to get to where they want to fish than it does to put a limit of fish in the boat. A few were trolling west towards the Grand Sable Lighthouse in search of coho, but only a couple fish were caught.

Nawakwa Lake - Has been showing signs of life again with a few walleye and many pike being caught. It seems trolling or drifting crawler harnesses or small spinners tipped with a crawler over the drop-offs produced the most fish.

Manistique River - Has been producing limits of walleye and pike. Channel cat action has also been good with some fish weighing 30+ pounds.

Indian Lake - A few walleye and some perch have been caught.

St. Mary’s River - Walleye fishing is very good in the upper river when fishing off 9 Mile Road on Lake Nicolet. Anglers are getting limits of northern pike around Gem Island on Lake George. Most are trolling rattle traps just off the lily pads in 6 to 8 feet of water. Lots of freshwater drum have been caught in both lakes.

Cedarville and Hessel - Salmon action has been fair around Hessel, Goose Island and St. Martin’s Shoal. Northern pike action has been good between both ports and smallmouth bass were caught with the cooler temperatures. Perch are scattered in Hessel Bay, Muskie Bay, and Cedarville Bay. The better action was in the Moscoe Channel when using minnows or worms in waters 4 to 15 feet deep.

The Catalog Return @ Gander Mountain

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

One of my favorite catalogs to order from was that of Gander Mountain when I started going fish crazy.  They had some of the best prices available while ordering over the phone.  Am looking forward to see what they have to offer when the catalogs hit the mail this fall.

They had sold their catalog division to Cabela’s before that company exploded onto the region and the stock market.  If I had to speculate, I think there was some type of agreement in that original purchase,  that it would be so many years before Gander could launch their catalog division again.

Regardless, I believe you can sign up on the website for a mailing, if not look for them this fall coming out.

Shop @ Gander Mountain, now Online

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

In keeping with the Gander Mountain theme for the day……..If you have ever visited the  Gander Mountain website,  there wasn’t much to look at, store hours and locations!

They have launched the shopping aspect and you can now shop online.  Its pretty limited in some areas, and I am hoping it can be attributed to just coming out or being launched.

Take a look……….

Gander Mountain: That’s HOT

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

I had some business in Toledo to do this evening.  One of my stops was at the Gander Mountain in Toledo (Airport Highway and Holland/Sylvania Rds).

While there I learned that everything that bares the “Guiede Series” logo that has done quite well for Gander Mountain these last few years, has to go.  Turns out the term was copyrighted,  not sure if its quite the same as Paris Hilton trying to copyright “That’s Hot”, but look for their brand to change over soon to simply “Gander Mountain” Products.

That includes rainwear, rods, ice rods and a whole list of other items.