Fall Toothy Critters

Been talking so much lately about Perch,  it made me think of how we use them in the Upper for bait for Pike and Muskie.  Which for some reason made me think of minnow baits, which led me to the fall bite.  Don’t worry, I am still trying to follow my own logic sometimes.

Fall is when I really switch over my baits to the larger minnow type lures.  Large Rap Floaters, Shad Raps, Ernies and Lil’ Ernies, Grandma’s of all sizes, Believers….etc.  The waters are cooling off, and it seems like the slow n’ steady approach of a minnow lure catches more fish this time of the year.

Its feeding time for these big fish, time to put on the winter fat for what could be a long cold winter.  I know, I don’t believe that global warming garbage either.  All idicators point to a very cold winter, hopefully with lots of ice.  Can you tell I am thinking ice fishing already????

So these big ol’ fish are looking for easy meals, sometimes BIG easy meals.  With the colder temps at night, and even though these fish are cold water fish,  they don’t feel expending a whole lot of energy to get their meals.  Do not be hesitant about throwing some mid-sized muskie lures while fishing for pike.  Two years ago, one of my 37 inchers came on a 9 inch Suick (Jerkbait).

Jerkbaits, and even topwater baits are also good choices this time of the year. Love the XL Jitterbug for topwater baits.  Suicks and Cisco’s are good jerkbaits to use as well.

Locally you can head for Lake Hudson for some nice muskie, or now that all the jet ski or personal watercraft are off of Devil’s Lake (Manitou Beach) there are some pretty healthy northerns to be had over there as well!

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