How to Straighten Line

I’ve been sicker than a dog the last few days, so today feeling a little better I decide to go and cut some line for making up the perch rigs I will need to fish in Matthew’s Bait and Tackle’s First Perch Derby on the 20th of this month.  So as I am using the snips to cut my line 20 inches for making the snells, they are coming off tighter than the end of a pig’s curly tail.

So taking some time, and this isn’t brain surgery, so  just a few minutes here, I looked at the problem.  How to get the line straight?  My solution to the problem was to tie a loop, and then add a weight to the bottom.  No good, already had the line measured out.  The final solution was to secure one end with a pair of forceps, and hang from a nail.  At the other end, I did the same with with another pair.  Wa-laa, a line straightener for my pre-cut lengths.  I have no idea how to spell wa-laa, it just doesn’t spell check, but you get the point.

Hope it helps any do-it-yourselfer out there who might have come to this problem themselves.

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