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Fishing Tippy Dam

I have mentioned this before, and its been a while, so will do it again.  Reading some of the fishing forums can  lead to some good tips, and this is really a good case in point.  This is one of … Continue reading

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Packing in Water

How not to get freezer burn on your fillets?  This isn’t exactly a revelation to a lot of anglers, but it can sure save you some bucks  and  fish in the long run. When you get done with the filleting, … Continue reading

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Weekend of Perch

If I learned anything from this weekend, besides honing my perch cleaning skills, its this:  Check your email every night.  That and a way to fine tune a rig.  Why the email, because that was the notice sent out by … Continue reading

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Michigan DNR Report: 9.18.08

All the rain helped push more salmon into the rivers however many of the rivers in the southern half of the Lower Peninsula are experiencing very high water levels which has caused flooding in many areas. Anglers are urged to … Continue reading

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Always a Good Idea to have a Camera with You

This pic was taken by my Aunt Nan and cousin, Claudia.  They were driving down West Jefferson, which is the same road that you take to Sterling State Park, but just closer to the Downriver area where the name changes.  … Continue reading

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Matthew’s B&T Perch Derby: September 20th

This really should be a fun event for the whole family, and its this Saturday! Cost is only 25 bucks per boat, and that is going to include a meal after the weigh-in.  Jason and Mike have really stepped it … Continue reading

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Pike and Muskie Locations

Well this is the first blog in a while, not sure how I picked up the flu last week,  but here goes. When fall comes around the corner,  the big fish are starting to bite.  Looking for their winter stores … Continue reading

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How to Straighten Line

I’ve been sicker than a dog the last few days, so today feeling a little better I decide to go and cut some line for making up the perch rigs I will need to fish in Matthew’s Bait and Tackle’s … Continue reading

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Michigan DNR Fishing Report for 9/11

Cooler temperatures and much needed rain pushed salmon up into the rivers. Anglers are reminded that the season to take both snapping turtles and softshell turtles will close on September 15th, 2008 Southeast Lower Peninsula Lake Erie – Perch fishing … Continue reading

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Sale Items @ Walmart

The other day I was in the Walmart store here in Monroe and picked up a few items for this and next season. First off,  I picked up five spools of Trilene Big Game, two green, and three clear for … Continue reading

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