Eskimo is Seeing Red

Somehow I think I should have tried to make it clearer in the title that I was talking about Eskimo Shanties.  Regardless, gone is the green, in with the red fabric and gray interiors of Eskimo’s new lineup of shelters for 2009.

Eskimo Shelters

Lots of new features to like, and some drawbacks as well.  Like the skylight for letting light in, and the fact that  you can close it up on the new Eskape models.  Not crazy about the gray interior, for one HELLO red and gray…OSU colors!  Second reason is a little more functional, it allows more light in, and if I want it dark inside to allow for sight fishing, this is a slight drawback.

Catch up on all the new models and sizes of the Eskapeand Quickfilps online.

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