Little Atom Makes In-Fisherman

In the In-Fisherman Ice Guide that I mentioned was available at our local Meijer store, under the gear section in the front of the magazine, you will find Little Atom Lures and Plastics. Little Atom plastics have been my choice for ice fishing plastics for the last four years. Not only does the product give the most lifelike action, but they actually come in sizes small enough to entice the most stubborn gill. Most presentations offered by other companies are just too big, or too stiff.

There are several items listed in the section, including Maki Plastics. Although the lure I saw the most interest in on the website on Monday was not mentioned in the piece, the Yatzi looks to be promising. Scott like Rick of Little Atom started perfecting his plastics at home, two true cottage industries.

Other than that, and some of the gear new to Northland Tackle that I mentioned earlier in talking about ice fishing, the new Lindy Rattlin’ Flyer is out this year. Before some iceheads jump and say, “Hey Mace, that was out last year.”, I am talking about the new size available in the 1/16th oz variety. Although that bud of mine in Minnesota, Captain Kevin Winkler, tested it two years ago, it was left out of the 2008 production run. It should make an excellent perch and crappie spoon for those trying it this winter.

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