A New Walleye Lure, Michigan Made

In continuing the quest to find new lures and fishing equipment made right here in Michigan.  I had the chance to talk to Tom,  owner of Moonshine Lures.  For walleye fisherman, the name of the company might sound familiar, as they introduced walleye trolling spoons a few years ago.  There are 24 spoon patterns just for catching eyes. For the dedicated salmon angler, their spoons are already well known and established on the lure market.  With 75 patterns available, those after the big fish on Lakes Michigan, Huron and Superior, have plenty of choices to select from.

With winter set upon us, the topic turns to ice fishing, and Moonshine has introduced the new Shiver Minnow to compliment their 1/2 and 3/4 oz Jigging Spoons.  Its the newest addition to any walleye angler who uses the swim type baits through the ice to land eyes.  Its a completely different shape than those familiar with using swimmers under the ice, and even that does not completely help define its  well deserved place in your winter arsenal.

Moonshine has a unique place in their share of the fishing market,  they make the best glow finish that I have found available to fisherman, no matter the season or species being sought.  Located in the Upper Peninsula in Perkins, these new lures were put to the test and developed right on Little Bay de Noc’s  famed walleye waters.

What does the extra glow power give winter fisherman?  Extended time fishing is the answer and key to putting more fish on the ice.  Get that extra hour in during the early morning bite, and stay out a bit after nightfall. I had the opportunity to test the lure (Yellow Tail) while prefishing last weekend’s tournament in Wisconsin.  Not entirely sure what I hooked into one night after dark, but with the way the drag was fighting,  I am pretty confident that it was one of the many muskies  I saw with the camera while prefishing.  Whatever it was, it was more than my 10 lb leader could handle, because 4 minutes into the fight it made off with my lure. 

Here are some of the finishes/color patterns available in the Shiver Minnow:















Notice how the lure looks in normal light, and once charged it can take on a completely different color. Red Grape and JJ Mac Muffin are good examples of good colors being offered below the ice no matter what the light source that is available.  Whether you give the lure the gentle quiver, or  the big drop and fall for calling eyes in, this lure looks to be a staple for years to come.

If you are a big spoon fan like myself, try the jigging spoons.  At 1/2 and 3/4 oz, they will handle any current situation you can find.  If you want a little more flutter on  your fall, and the current won’t sweep your bait away, use the Walleye Trolling Spoons.  Lots of color choices available there.

Where can you find them?  Its the question I get all the time in emails from readers, so I made sure to include this in the piece.  You can find a locale near you right on the website under the Retail Page .  If you are fishing Saginaw Bay, stop in at Frank’s Great Outdoors in Linwood while you are getting your bait, and cruise through their selection or buy online.

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