Afternoon on Brest Bay

The best I can say is that the ice is in great shape!  Also that the ice near the point is devoid of slush, but talking to some who drove out from the marina, there is some left near the launch point.  These cold nights should take care of that before too long.  Out past the point you can find a solid 6 inches of good black ice.

Now for the fishing report from last night………….not so good.  We set up near the point, roughly the same area where I had nailed some good fish a few years ago.  Zero, zip…nadda.  Walked over to one shack, and stopped a respectable distance away so not to disturb there fishing, and pretty much got a sarcastic response.  They had not caught any as well.  After talking to some folks from Westland, then walked to where they had set up camp on the other side of the pressure crack,  they had caught none as well.

Plan for the next trip is to take the quad and trike with the shanties and to stay out after dark.  To bring the glow charger (Luhr Jensen Power Flash) and set up with some glow lures for the night bite.

Side note from Saginaw Bay, one group of 7 or 8 anglers limited out last night.  At least somewhere the fish were biting last night.

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