Brest Bay Blues/Saginaw on Fire

How to describe the fishing the last two trips out to the bay, ugh !

Tuesday I walked out with the sled and didn’t really move around too much.  Yesterday took the quad and moved to four different locations, and all we had to show for it was marking one fish for sure, and perhaps a phantom or two. We gave them the Phoebe, the Buckshot, #7 Rap, and Fireball with nadda to show for it.

All the while, Bomber is calling me from the THAT other bay, saying all I need is one more for my limit.  Ugh, if there wasn’t a tournament next weekend on Devil’s Lake, I would be fishing up on the Saginaw as soon as possible.

Just to give you a little heads up, while the fishing was incredible down on Brest Bay last week, it seems as if the fishing on Saginaw continues to produce.  The “Crew” landed 59 eyes in one night last week and back here off of Stoney Point guys are trekking from one group to another, asking if they are even seeing fish!

As we pulled out last night, there was a youngster loading his gear back into the garage, so I rolled down the window and gave a holler.  He comes running over and gives some details into what is happening under the ice.  Although I love my camera for scouting,  I usually detest setting it up and using it primarily as my main fishing tool.  He on the other hand was using it quite a bit yesterday, and saw tons of  eyes on the screen, all just swimming by.

Call it barometric pressure or whatever, these fish were just not interested in taking baits yesterday. Prime example was me playing with a fish for a good twenty minutes.  When first setting up in my hole, there it was one foot off the bottom on the Vexilar screen.  I went for the subtle approach and just jiggled the rod tip above it, the fish stayed on the outside edge of the cone, occasionally coming a bit closer, but never directly below the hole.  I then started to lift and jiggle, again the fish came up.  I did this for 10 ft in the bottom of the column, always the fish slowing coming up to inspect, but never taking a serious interest in the bait.

Unfortunately that was the highlight of the day.  While up on that other Bay, limits were being taken and the occasional Laker being landed as well.

For those South of the (our) Bay, the Lake Erie Party Store reported fishing to be just as slow, while there are rumors of fish still being caught over by Luna Pier.  Starting to investigate now…….ugh.

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2 Responses to Brest Bay Blues/Saginaw on Fire

  1. Chip Greene says:

    Hey Captain!! Thanks for the heads up on Ridgeback Rattlers!! Please stop by the Monroe show and introduce yourself…..I really appreciate your link and support, Best, Chip Greene

  2. Mason says:

    Not a problem Chip. Really looking forward to going to the Monroe Fishing Show and kinda of looking down the road towards some warmer fishing!

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