Finding Lodging for the Right Price

Got two words for you, SHOP AROUND!  With the help of the Internet, you too can find affordable lodging near a  desired fishing destination.  This is the place we stayed at last weekend while fishing the NAIFC event in Wisconsin. More details after I show the pics.








As you can see, lots of room.  Spacious living room, good sized kitchen, two good sized tables to eat at and tie your jigs on at night.  What you might be able to pick up is that there were two bathrooms, with each having two showers.  What is almost impossible to tell from the pics is that there are hallways on each side of the building, each containing four rooms with double bunks.

My ice fishing partner and others actually found this location while fishing the NAIFC championship in Rhinelander, WI back in December.  This tournament was held on the same lake as the cabin.  Here is the kicker, this is one cabin of many belonging to the Crescent Lake Bible Camp.  We got this cabin, along with one other team for only 22 dollars a night, for each person.  Because it was a bible camp, the total came to only $112.13 for five days.  No sales tax, only the regions hotel tax applied.

If you have a trip in mind, shop around, use the internet, and get the best place possible for your buck!

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