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Couple of days ago I got an email about a second run of Chubby jigs, called the Chubby II.  First off, the service was great.  I ordered one night, waited one day, and they arrived yesterday!  Second off, they have switched to all Owner hooks for the jigs, nice improvement!  Lastly,  the new jigs I picked up were the new longer lasting glow UV paint.

My only gripe if  you want to call it that has to do with the hook size, they run slightly bigger than the hooks they were using, so the jigs themselves are in turn a tad bigger.  The size 12’s I ordered are more like the old size 10 of old, and the size 10’s I picked up are closer to a size 8.

I sent off an email to inquire about it, last night I had an answer, which explained everything mentioned above.  I was even told I could send anything back if I wanted too.  Now for 69 cents a jig, its not a problem to me, so I will hold off now until October when I restock for the Championships in December.  The size 14 jig, runs closer to the old size 12’s.

I just plan on running the bigger size 12’s for crappie, and will use the bigger size 10’s for perch.  Problem solved.

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