Protect Your Ice Rods

As I was rigging the ice rods for one more tournament to close out the circuit’s season, thought this would be a good time to talk about protecting your gear while traveling and on the ice.  One company offers all the styles that I like to use,  Ready Rig.  They were one of the first companies out there.

My panfish rods go into what is called the gear case.    I can put up to 8 ice combos in there, depending on the size of the rods.  To add further protection I place cardboard slats in each side in the big lengthy compartments.



For my longer walleye rods, the Ice Pro Plus works great.  Its 38″ long and since all but two of my walleye rods are either 28″, 32″, or 36″, I can put two each of the ones I have for the best protection.  Back in the day, they made a 42 inch variation of this model, so my homemade 40 inch rods can go in there.



For early or late in the season when walking is a must, the Ice Pack not only holds the rods I use while traveling light, I can get more lures and lunch inside the removable pouch on upper section of it.  The less weight I can keep out of the sled the better it is for traveling from spot to spot.


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