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Linecounter Reels

With the advent of the trolling guides available to anglers these days, linecounter reels really are becoming “must have” equipment. One of the questions I recently had in an email dealt with this; what brand, what size, what line…etc. To … Continue reading

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Latest From Erie:Walleye

Had to go down to Ohio yesterday with my neighbor to pick up some sweet corn seed, and since we were in the neighborhood, we made our way towards Port Clinton. Talked it up with a couple of boats coming … Continue reading

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How to Overcome the Chocolate Soup

When muddy water has you stymied, there are a couple of solutions that will still allow you to have a successful trip out on Erie while you chase walleyes.  Really this can apply anywhere, but with the lake in our … Continue reading

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March 26th DNR Fishing Report

On Wednesday April 1, 2009, all anglers 17 years of age and older will be required to have a new 2009 Michigan Fishing License. Copies of the new Fishing Guides are available at all license vendors. With many seasons closed … Continue reading

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Crappie thoughts on line choices

I was re-spooling the Cardinal 301’s a couple of nights ago that I bought for perch fishing late last fall to go with the new St Croix Avid 6 ft. UL’s.  I was putting 5 lb Power Pro on the … Continue reading

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Have you got your boat ready? there be walleye to be had

From Lake Erie to Saginaw Bay, folks are getting their boats out and ready to fish, some are fishing already.  This is a great time of the year to get out and get some early fishing in.  Here are some … Continue reading

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Loving Ebay 2day

Its always worth taking a look at ebay while building your crawler harnesses for the upcoming year. I just picked up 200 VMC #6 treble hooks, with shipping for less than 34 bucks. 2x strong Barbarians with the good sharp … Continue reading

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Granholm Keeps Nibbling Away at Profits

In a further effort to kill all forms of small business, the governor takes another swipe at the state’s fishing industry, this time taxing in the form of additional fees on those involved in the charter fishing business. New this year, … Continue reading

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hot n tot pygmies and pas lures

Been saving this one since I came out with the Storm Lightning Shads last fall for use as divers.  Some of us remember that wonderful old company, Storm Lures, pre-Rapala buyout that is.  They had tons of lures that worked … Continue reading

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Cold Weather Walleyes Need the Slow Approach

While tackling the seasons anglers need to consider many variables in fishing for cold water eyes.  Like in the pike topic the other day, walleyes want the slow approach when temps are chilly below the surface.  Whether you use cranks … Continue reading

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