May 20th AAA Fishing Report

Bass season opens just in time for the extended Memorial Day holiday weekend. The weather forecast is good for anglers and conditions should be outstanding. Before heading to your fishing destination, visit for the latest traffic, construction, weather and road conditions that may affect your route.


Upper Peninsula:

Bergland anglers are getting out and fishing for walleye despite windy conditions this week. Minnows seem to be working fairly well on Lake Gogebic.

Wind and rain has limited some of the fishing around Escanaba but when anglers are getting out the walleye action is good on Little Bay De Noc, Big Bay De Noc and the mouth of the Ford River. Crawler harnesses and trolling with crank bait seems to do the trick. Silver bass are in good numbers and crank bait and tube baits are working well.

Weather has been an issue for anglers in Manistique. A few walleye and pike have been caught near the mouth of the Manistique River. Weekend weather and fishing are both expected to improve.

Sault St. Marie anglers have headed to Brimley for walleye since adverse weather in their own area has created minimal opportunities and the water has cooled 10-degrees.

Munuscong Bay area anglers are getting good numbers of pike and large sized splake on Cedarville. Brimley Bay is giving up excellent catches of walleye. Caribou Lake is a great location for walleye fishing and good results can be found using crawler harnesses.

Weather hasn’t been so great around Drummond Island but a good forecast is in the works for the holiday weekend. Wind and rain has limited activity, but anglers that are getting out are finding a few walleye, perch and pike on Maxton and Scott bays.

Good walleye action taking place out on Brevort Lake despite the weather this week in the St. Ignace area.

Information Providers: Johnson’s Sports-Drummond Island; Bay View Bait & Tackle-Escanaba; Top O’ Lake Sport-Manistique; Gander Mountain-Marquette; Hank’s Sporting-Sault Ste. Marie; ACE Hardware-St. Ignace and Gogebic Grocery-Bergland.


Burt Lake in Alanson is giving up very nice numbers of walleye near the north arm on minnows. The weather has improved and activity is on the rise.

Anglers fishing around the Boyne City area are doing well for walleye and pike on Lake Charlevoix near the south arm in 10-20 feet of water using crawler harnesses and body baits. Walloon Lake has decent fishing taking place for walleye, pike and perch. Trout can also be caught in 10-15 feet of water using red, orange and yellow spoons while trolling. The Boyne and Jordan rivers are decent for trout and plenty of suckers still in good numbers. Fly fishing is popular on the Jordan River for Brook and Brown trout using small spinners. Bass are heading towards the beds.

Windy conditions this week in Frankfort created for some spotty fishing, but nice weather is in the forecast for the weekend. Perch action is spotty on Arcadia and Portage lakes. Most rivers the trout fishing seems to have ended. Lake Michigan is good for salmon and browns when trolling. Crystal Lake is giving up fair counts of white fish on worms.

Otsego Lake near Gaylord is great for walleye fishing and anglers are using Rapalas and crawler harnesses with good results. The Manistee and Au Sable rivers are producing nice numbers of trout on flies and spinners.

Cadillac anglers are finding very good pike action on both Cadillac and Mitchell lakes. Crappie action is good as well as blue gill and bass.

Information providers: Backcast-Frankfort; Alphorn-Gaylord; Boyne River Bait Shop-Boyne City; Jack’s Sports-Kalkaska; Pilgrim’s Village-Cadillac; Young’s Bait Shop-Alanson and Gander Mountain-Traverse City.


Around the Baldwin area bass season opens on Saturday and anglers are anxious. Idlewild Lake is a hot spot for blue gill on leaf worms and some spiders. Big Bass Lake is giving up really nice perch catches on wigglers, wax worms, and small perch minnows, while House Lake has some nice sunfish action. The majority of rivers in the area are doing very well for trout since a fly hatch is on. The water is low and small leaf worms are working well. Anglers are pre-fishing bass on Wolf Lake and the fish are biting on a variety of baits.

Salmon fishing is excellent out of the Muskegon area. It has been windy but anglers are getting out in waters up to 100 feet and fishing from the surface to 80 feet with good results. Fish are hitting on flashers but green and blue spoons are very productive. Walleye activity has been spotty with only one to two fish being caught. Bass season opens Saturday, fish are not bedding just yet. Marinas will be a good place to fish for large and small mouth bass over the weekend which is expected to be an outstanding opener. However, it is suggested to catch and release since the fish have not spawned yet. Muskegon Lake has some good walleye action when using Smithwick’s Rattlin’ Rogue and Rapalas.

Chippewa Lake is producing decent walleye counts and pan fish action is ok. Fish seem to bite best on wax worms and minnows.

Around the Grand Rapids area bass season opens Saturday. Morrison and Reed lakes are giving up good crappie fishing. Blue gill are starting to bed in some of the smaller ponds in the area. The Grand River has high water and anglers are pre-fishing for bass.

Information providers: Wolf Lake Resort & ATV Rental-Baldwin; King Sports-Baldwin; East Bay General Store-Chippewa Lake; Shoreline Bait & Tackle-Muskegon and Gander Mountain-Grand Rapids.


Anglers fishing off of the New Buffalo area on Lake Michigan will find good action for steelhead and Coho in around 30 to 60 feet of water. Perch are starting to come in as the water starts to warm up.

In the Kalamazoo area anglers are pre-fishing bass in many locations, cooler weather earlier this week slowed activity, but warmer weather in the forecast should create an outstanding bass opener on Saturday. Good crappie action taking place on Portage, Pine and Sugarloaf lakes. As the warm weather rolls back in for the holiday weekend, Lake Michigan should once again be on fire for Kings in 100-feet of water. Anglers have been catching some really large size fish on spoons and flies. Fishing contest now through August 31, get your fish weighed, call 269-372-2277 for details.

It is a gorgeous day for all of the anglers fishing in the Three Rivers area. All of the lakes are giving up nice numbers of crappie and blue gill. Red wigglers and wax worms remain popular. Bass season opens Saturday.

Information providers: D.& R. Sports-Kalamazoo; Captain Cook’s-New Buffalo and Fisherman’s Luck-Three Rivers.


Lake Huron off of the Alpena area is giving up nice numbers of walleye on body baits and Rapalas. The Thunder Bay River near the Ninth Street Dam is producing decent catches of steelhead on flies and spawn.

Oscoda anglers are doing well with live baits fishing for pike and blue gill on Foote Dam Pond. The Au Sable River is producing good quantities of steelhead on spawn and flies and a few anglers are pre-fishing for bass.

Lake Margrethe near Grayling is fair for perch action in 14-20 feet of water when using minnows. Walleye activity has been slow but when anglers are catching them they are hitting on minnows and leeches. Many small lakes in the area are rated fair to good for blue gill and bass on live baits.

Houghton Lake is giving up nice numbers of crappie and blue gill in the canals on minnows and worms. Walleye activity is good when trolling or drifting and bobber fishing.

The perch action is rated fair on Higgins Lake this week with perch minnows working well in 30 to 40 feet of water. Trout activity is also rated fair.

The Au Gres River is producing fair amounts of steelhead on spawn. A few anglers are catching and releasing bass. The official bass season opens on Saturday.

Information providers: Clem’s-Alpena; Skips-Grayling; Lyman’s-Houghton Lake; Sports Barn-Higgins Lake; Wright’s Sport Shop-Au Gres and The Dam Store-Oscoda.


Despite the windy conditions this week, Standish area anglers are doing well for walleye on Saginaw Bay in 12 to 14 feet of water and using crawler harnesses. The weather has greatly improved today and a great holiday weekend is anticipated for fishing. Walleye action is strong around Bay City and near Finn Road in Quanicassee with fish ranging in size from 17 to 22 inches. Anglers are typically getting limits two to three miles out and in about 8 to 10 feet of water. Anglers are finding success with spinners and gold blades. A few catfish are hitting around Quanicassee as well. Saginaw Bay has steady walleye action straight out from Linwood in 12-20 feet of water and anglers are finding success with crawler harnesses. Good walleye fishing around Bay Port where anglers are obtaining limits near the buoy at Sandpoint.

Straight out off Harbor Beach anglers are fishing in 40-feet of water for good numbers of Coho, lake trout, steelhead and a few perch on Lake Huron. Small regular spoons are popular. Bass season opens Saturday for the area.

Off of the Port Sanilac area fishing straight out 10 to 12 miles or so anglers can still pick up a few King salmon.

Information providers: Frank’s Great Outdoors-Linwood; 1st & Main-Bay Port; Michigan Sportsman-Bay City; Frank’s Place Bait & Tackle-Harbor Beach; Eagle Bay Marina-Standish and Gander Mountain-Saginaw.


Lansing angling has been unpredictable due to the weather. Blue gill on the Grand River are not quite spawning just yet, but have moved into the shallower waters. Look for blue gill near dead logs and metal structures near town and some blue are bedding near the river trail. Walleye activity has slowed this week. Carp and catfish are persistent in the Grand River as well as many other rivers in the area. Live bait, night crawlers and fresh dead bait seems to work well on the catfish. Carp are hitting on corn, soft bread, and try adding some flavoring like anise or strawberry, any liquid that is sweet. Crappie action is hit or miss on Jordan Lake in Lake Odessa, the fish are good size but you have to work hard to get them.

Inland lakes near Coldwater, Brooklyn and Addison are overall doing well for crappie and blue gill. The fish are not on their beds yet due to the recent cool weather, but thanks to warmer weather today by the weekend fishing conditions are anticipated to be excellent.

Information providers: Knutson’s Live Bait-Brooklyn and Grand River Bait and Tackle-Lansing.


Algonac and Fairhaven anglers are finding that walleye are starting to hit in the North Channel near Decker’s Landing and jigs and crawler harnesses are working well. The murky water from recent rain and wind should be cleared up by the weekend. Overall walleye have migrated from the Algonac area and moved up river towards Marysville.

Near Harrison Township anglers are doing well for small mouth bass and pike on cruncher tubes. The Detroit and the St. Clair rivers are both producing nice numbers of walleye. Lake St. Clair is giving up very good catches of walleye from Metro Beach to Nine Mile Road in 10 to 12 feet of water and out in front of the spillway, anglers are using bottom bouncers and drifting with good success as well as using night crawlers when fishing Lake St. Clair and using jigs in the rivers. St. Clair Shores anglers fishing the Detroit River are doing very well for walleye on both the American and Canadian sides mainly at night hand lining with Rapalas. Good walleye action can be found from St. Clair Shores all the way to the Ambassador Bridge.

Anglers in the Melvindale, River Rouge and Ecorse areas are hand lining for walleye on the Detroit River at night to get past the strong presence of silver bass. The #11 Vampire Rapala seems to be working well. Anglers are also finding decent walleye near the salt mines on the Canadian side across from the steel mill. Fishing for silver bass is outstanding on the Detroit River from Delray to Trenton with anglers finding good results with white pearl jigs.

Walleye action is consistent this week in several areas. Hand liners are doing well on the north side of Fighting Island getting three and four pound fish, jigging also works but not as good as hand lining. The Canadian side seems to be more productive lately and some anglers are trolling with bottom bouncers and crawler harnesses. South of buoy 94 is still the hot spot this week in either U.S. or Canadian waters.

From Wyandotte to Rock Wood the walleye action remains good. On the Detroit River anglers are hand lining and jigging using crawlers and minnows. Anglers fishing the east side of Grosse Ile, in front of Erie Metro Park or out on Lake Erie are tending to use crank bait and crawler harnesses. White bass are abundant in the lower Trenton Channel and large walleye minnows are working well. Perch are being caught near the shipping channels, the Detroit Light and the south side of the cross-dyke. Anglers pre-fishing large mouth bass on the Huron River near Rock Wood are getting good results using #5 shad wraps.

Off of the Monroe area good walleye fishing continues to take place in 22-24 feet of water around Bolles Harbor, River Raisin, Stony Point, Brest Bay and out at the Detroit Light. Walleye action is also good near Turtle Island and the Dumping Grounds near Ohio. Anglers fishing off of the Banana Dyke are finding best results in waters 15-17 feet deep while off of Stony Point 23 feet of water is better. Some perch activity happening around E-Buoy. Anglers are still using minnows overall with a few starting to migrate to worms. The waters are still murky today, but by Friday the clarity should be very good. The winds have died down the weather is beautiful and a great weekend for fishing is in the forecast for the area.

Great angling action is taking place in the Belleville area for walleye on Ford and Belleville lakes. Limits can be had around Rawsonville Road and near the Ford Dam. Road Runners are hot for walleye and crappie. Private ponds in the area are giving up just about everything. Blue gill activity is good along the shorelines and crappie action is good when anglers use small minnows.

Information providers: Mackie’s Bait & Tackle-Algonac, Bluewater Bait-Fairhaven;; Lance Valentine’s Walleye 101; Gander Mountain-Taylor; Pro-Fishing & Archery-Harrison Township; South Street Tackle-Belleville; Bottom Line Bait & Tackle-Rock Wood; Erie Party Shop-Monroe and Andy’s Tackle Box-Melvindale.

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