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2nd Place Finish @ Jeff’s 1st Annual Eye Tourney

Monday, June 29th, 2009

I really wanted to get this done yesterday, but I was cooking the meat for the neighbor’s graduation party yesterday.  It ended up taking up most of my time.  After getting up at 3:30 on Saturday, and three am yesterday, I am still feeling BEAT UP.

You could not have asked for a better morning to have a tourney than Saturday.  We checked in at Jeff’s Bait Shop about 5:15 am and headed to the launch at Sterling St. Park.  Once in the water we headed out to 25 foot of water in front of the River Raisin.

This is the program that we ran at first when we got started.  4 oz bottom bouncers off the front sides of the boat.  Then 2 oz Bass Pro keel weights  off the Church Tackle Walleye boards, two boards per side.  The key was that the extra weight from the keel weights allowed me to get down near the bottom with some accuracy.  I ran those 26 ft down, before attaching the boards.  The sliding weights on the bottom of the boards allowed them to ride true in the water while dragging the 2 oz weights.  The St. Croix Premier Glass rods handled the drag on the boards like a champ.

We headed almost on a bee line towards Sputnik and we learned two things quickly; copper Ludington watermelon was going to be a hot blade on the crawler harnesses, and the two starboard boards were going to be a problem.  I solved that issue by switching out my inside board set up, and replacing it with a long line with a Jet #30 with a harness off the back of the boat, 110 ft of line let out.

That turned out to be the smartest move I made during the day, because all the rods started getting action at some point during the morning.  Another good move turned out to be giving some willow blades a try out in a tourney situation.  I have never had much faith in them before, mostly due to never pulling a fish on them before Saturday.  That changed quickly when I put on a #4 Fishlander Happy Hooker/gold blade rig on one of the port boards.  This combination produced our two largest fish for the day, one 4.89 andthe big fish for the tourney, one 5.25 lbs.  One came early, while the second one came near the end of the morning for us.

Never had the boat going over 1.6 mph the whole morning, with most of the time running about 1.3 mph.  Best blades for the day besides the Happy Hooker, were the copper Ludington blades (both Fishlanders), Silver Streak’s Confusion and Eriedescent and Northland’s Baitfish Image Golden Shiner.  The Northland GS blade produced so well because they mirror the color of the main bait this time of the year, the mayflies that were all around us.

We landed 19 walleyes that day, throwing  two undersized fish back in.  Had several come off at the boat, while catching a dozen plus small perch and at least that many sheephead.  One of the sheephead was stripping the Power Pro off the reel fighting like a 10 lb fish, but only weighing in at a lil’ over 5 lbs.

The weather for the tournament was fantastic with the perfect fishing chop on the water, and Jeff’s Bait and Tackle ran a great tourney for their first time out.  There were plenty of prizes for the first three spots, just take a look at the pic down below of all the goodies I got for finishing second with 18.69 lbs and winning the big fish prize.

Hats off to Tony Vitale and his partner for winning this first annual event with over 19 lbs at the scale.  Tony reads the blog from time to time, and we have emailed back and forth several times, so forgive me not remembering your exact weight.  They were also running meat rigs, but were out deeper and running a quite a bit faster while dragging their harnesses.

To be honest I thought I had you guys this year.  Last year we both fished the Matthew’s walleye tournament, and they were running spoons then.  With the luck I was having with the meat rigs, I knew it was going to be a close weigh in.  Congrats on your finish, two nicer guys you will not meet folks.

For those of you who wanted to fish the tourney, but didn’t, this is what you missed.  Besides the good food provided by Eric, the owner of Jeff’s B&T, you missed some great conversation after the weigh in was said and done.  Guys and gals talking fishing, comparing notes, what was working and what wasn’t.  You pick up a lot of good information that way and everyone gave their tactics freely.  I will definitely be fishing the “2nd Annual” next year.

Here are all the pics.

The second place prize included cash and goodies from the bait shop, Silver Streak, Domka Outdoors, Bootlegger Tackle and Knutson’s Recreational Sales.  Got a nice trophy for the big fish, and a smaller version for 2nd place as well.



The 17 fish that we brought in.  Forgot to mention, a couple of teams also caught steelhead out on the lake today, very nice looking healthy fish they were too.



The five fish we weighed in.



Here is a pic of the two biggest fish we caught.


June 24th Michigan DNR Fishing Report

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Some rivers in the Lower Peninsula are running high and fast. Catch rates will improve once the waters clear up. Warmer weather has improved fishing conditions so more anglers are out.


Southeast Lower Peninsula

Lake Erie - Has fair walleye fishing. Even though recent storms have left the lake muddy once again, the walleyes are coming in closer to shore because the Mayfly hatch is in full swing. Anglers have caught fish in 18 to 20 feet of water when using crawlers and spoons. Perch fishing remains fair with most fish caught just off the River Raisin or Stoney Point. Good numbers of white perch were caught. Catfish were caught off Pte. Mouillee. Crawlers and shrimp were the best bait.

Huron River - Water levels are up but the river was fishable. Anglers are catching fair to good numbers of largemouth bass, smallmouth bass and pike.

Detroit River - Perch have been caught around Celeron Island and Sugar Island when using minnows along the weed beds. A few walleye were caught in the lower river near the mouth.

Lexington - Lake trout, coho, chinook and a few walleye were caught when trolling in 30 to 80 feet of water. Pier anglers did well catching a mix of bluegills, rock bass, bluegills, crappie, smallmouth bass and small perch.

Harbor Beach - Steelhead action is good in waters up to 110 feet deep. Try trolling bright colored spoons about 100 feet behind the offshore boards. Some nice lake trout were caught in 80 to 110 feet of water using spoons or Dodgers with spin and glows fishing close to the bottom. Try gold, green camo, and orange. Salmon fishing is slow but some were caught. For walleye, try casting spoons and body baits or trolling Hot-n-Tots or crawler harnesses in 20 to 50 feet of water. Bass fishing is the best it has been in a long time with good numbers caught around the weed beds inside the harbor. For perch, try closer to shore with minnows.

Port Austin - Boat anglers out trolling for walleye have caught whitefish on a crawler harness. Perch anglers are just getting started but they are not catching a lot of fish. Most are drifting in 20 feet of water until they find fish, then drop anchor.

Saginaw Bay - Walleye were caught in 5 to 7 feet of water on the Callahan Reef, 4 feet off Linwood, 10 feet off the Kawkawlin River and 7 to 17 feet in the Slot off Sebewaing and Bay Port. Try the weed beds south of the tower on Sand Point. Good catches of channel cats in 3 to 4 feet of water off Sebewaing. Caseville anglers are taking their boats to Sebewaing or Bay Port.

Saginaw River - Shore anglers are taking walleye in the lower river between Smith Park and Essexville. Smallmouth bass and rock bass were caught.

Southwest Lower Peninsula

Small trout streams are fishable. The medium to large warmwater streams are not wadable but boat anglers might be able to fish. Anglers should check local conditions before traveling. Inland lakes are good for panfish and pike.

St. Joe - Pier anglers fishing on the river side were taking good numbers of freshwater drum when using live bait.

Kalamazoo River - Water levels were up but fish were caught, especially carp and smallmouth bass.

Grand Haven - Boat anglers have caught some trout and salmon about 40 to 70 feet down in waters 120 to 150 feet deep. Blue has been a good color. Pier anglers were catching freshwater drum and catfish.

Grand River at Grand Rapids - Water levels are high and muddy. Fish near the dam for catfish. Fish the weeds in shallow waters for bass and pike.

Grand River at Lansing - Is high and muddy but good numbers of carp and catfish have been caught below the Moore’s Park Dam and the North Lansing Dam.

Looking Glass River - Has high water levels.

Lake Ovid - Continues to produce some good catfish action.

Morrison Lake - Has been good for crappie and bluegills.

Muskegon - Boat anglers are fishing in the top half of waters 120 to 150 feet deep. Few fish were caught and many were small.

Northeast Lower Peninsula

Mullett Lake - The weather and the fishing have improved. Anglers trolling for walleye have been using a crawler harness with leeches or crawlers, crank baits or Hot-n-Tots. Anglers are taking good catches of perch, pike, bass and even some rainbow trout.

Rogers City - Lake trout action slowed however fish can still be found in 35 to 70 feet of water off Adams Point, Seagull Point, and the State Park. Chinook, steelhead and atlantic salmon were caught between Seagull Point and Forty Mile Point when fishing the top half of waters 45 to 90 feet deep.

Presque Isle - Lots of small lake trout caught off Big Lighthouse Point.

Rockport - Catch rates were slow except for a few lake trout taken around the Middle Island. Chinook and coho were taken around the wreck on daredevils. The wreck is about ten miles south of the Rockport launch.

Alpena - Walleye have been caught on the reefs and along the north shore near the Cement Plant. Blue and orange were hot colors. Pike and walleye were caught by shore anglers behind the Yacht Club when using spinner baits.

Thunder Bay River - The bite has been slow due to the fly hatch. A few pike were caught down near the mouth. Those trolling for walleye caught smallmouth bass.

Harrisville - Fishing is steady with lake trout the main catch along with a few salmon or walleye. Lake trout are moving out deeper to waters 70 to 90 feet deep and the walleye are in 20 to 30 feet of water.

Higgins Lake - Perch have been caught in 40 feet of water and rock bass can be found in 25 to 40 feet of water.

Houghton Lake - Bluegills are finally on the beds. Anglers are catching walleye, pike and bass in 4 to 8 feet of water near the weed beds and along the drop-offs.

Oscoda - Catch rates for trout and salmon have slowed however boats are still venturing out and fishing 60 to 80 feet down in waters up to 100 feet deep. Silver and green are productive for both the salmon and lake trout.

Au Sable River - Walleye were slow but still caught on crawlers and body baits.

Tawas - Most boat anglers are still towing their rigs down to Au Gres where walleye fishing was red-hot. Pier anglers caught walleye, smallmouth bass and rock bass.

Tawas River - Shore anglers have caught the occasional walleye, smallmouth bass, rock bass or channel cat.

Au Gres - Walleye fishing here continues to be spectacular with all boats bringing in some fish and some boats bringing in limit catches. Trollers are going straight off the river and fishing in 35 to 40 feet of water. Most of the fish are hitting on crawler harnesses but a few were taken on spoons or crank baits.

Northwest Lower Peninsula

Petoskey - Lake trout have been caught in 80 feet of water. The fish have been suspended and can be found in the lower 20 feet.

Bear River - Dock and shore anglers are catching a variety of fish.

Charlevoix - Lake trout and a few chinook salmon have been caught. Smallmouth bass were on the beds in Little Traverse Bay.

Lake Charlevoix - Perch have been showing up in shallow waters. Walleye anglers did well on cloudy days or at night when trolling minnow baits.

Lake Bellaire - Walleye pressure remains steady with anglers catching fish ranging from 14 to 18 inches. Early morning and evening were best when trolling near the Grass River, drop-offs on the north end of the lake or between the Narrows and Eckertly Road. Try a crawler harness, jig and leech, or rapalas in 10 to 50 feet of water. For bass, try casting spinners, tube baits, stick baits or crawlers in 3 to 31 feet of water along the west side of the lake. Perch were caught in 4 to 15 feet of water in the northwest arm and near the Intermediate River. Rock bass are hitting on crawlers in 3 to 5 feet of water.

Traverse City - In the East Bay, smallmouth can be found in the shallows and are hitting on plastic baits. The southern portions of the bay have received a good deal of angler pressure so the fish are easily spooked. In the West Bay, smallmouth are starting to show up on the beds.

Elk River - Smallmouth bass and freshwater drum are hitting on crawlers or leeches.

Boardman River - Bass fishing is starting to heat up with good action in the morning near the mouth and steady action throughout the day just below the Union Street Dam when using leeches, crawlers or plastic baits.

Lake Leelanau - Bluegills are finally on their beds and bass fishing has picked up. Look for pike along the weed beds in shallow waters. Anglers are catching walleye and this is a good time of year to catch rock bass.

Leland - Afternoons were slow but the early mornings are producing some good catches of chinook in 90 to 100 feet of water on the north and northwest sides of South Manitou Island. Lake trout seem to be scattered now that the warm weather is finally here. A few fish were picked up in 50 to 70 feet of water. A couple steelhead have also been caught. The boat launch is open but parking is limited.

Glen Arbor - Fishing has picked up with some nice chinook over ten pounds caught in the early morning. Locations vary from Canners Point to the southwest side of South Manitou Island.

Platte Bay - Salmon fishing was slow in both bays but those fishing near the mouth of the Platte River were catching some nice smallmouth bass, carp and suckers.

Frankfort - Chinook and lake trout were caught 40 to 90 feet down in 100 to 310 feet of water along the Shelf. Fishing was slow down near the Herring Hole but a few fish were caught by those trolling around the piers. Good lures have been spoons such as the Angry Gnome, Monkey Puke, the Blue Dolphin or chrome plugs.

Arcadia - A few chinook were caught 40 to 140 feet down in waters 100 to 400 feet deep as the fish are scattered. Green spoons were the ticket.

Onekama - Reported decent catches of chinook caught 35 to 60 feet down in 80 to 180 feet of water up near the Barrel. Most are trolling orange, green, yellow or red spoons. Early mornings produced the most fish.

Portage Lake - Has good bass fishing near the sailboats and the channel. Those trolling are picking up a mix of small walleye and pike. Lots of small perch, rock bass and some crappie have been caught in 15 to 22 feet of water. The panfish bite is still slow, but the Mayfly hatch is done so look for catch rates to improve.

Lake Cadillac - Anglers were catching good numbers of crappie and a few pike.

Manistee - Salmon and trout are being caught along the Shelf in the early morning. Try 40 to 80 feet down with green or blue spoons. Those venturing out to deeper waters have caught smaller chinook and some steelhead on the temperature breaks.

Manistee River - The Hex hatch should be going this week on the upper river.

Ludington - Boats fishing between the Bathhouse and Sable Point have found trout and salmon in 100 to 180 feet of water. Try green or blue spoons with green flies. A few fish were still hanging around the harbor.

Pere Marquette River - Those looking to go fly fishing will want to check out the river because the Hex hatch should be going on here as well.


Copper Harbor - Splake fishing has slowed but fish were still caught around the docks in the harbor with live bait or stick baits.

Eagle Harbor - Is producing a mixed bag of lake trout, steelhead and splake when trolling in 75 to 120 feet of water.

Lac La Belle - In Keweenaw County has good smallmouth bass action for those casting artificial crawlers. The walleye and crappie bite was slow.

Keweenaw Bay - Anglers trolling for salmon caught some limits between Sand Point and Carla’s Restaurant. Try spoons just off the bottom in 30 to 80 feet of water. Good lake trout action in Traverse Bay when trolling spoons in 130 to 150 feet of water. Good colors were green and brass. Some are jigging in 220 to 240 feet of water near Big Louie’s.

Marquette - Surface water temperatures are ranging from 48 to 51 degrees. Lake trout action has been fair to good off the White Rocks and Shot Point in 140 to 180 feet of water. A few coho were caught but no reports of any chinook. Catch rates were moderate around Stannard Rock when jigging cut bait in the morning.

Menominee - Walleye here are out deeper in waters 25 to 30 feet deep. Anglers are trolling both in the Michigan and Wisconsin waters. Strong winds have stopped anglers from fishing near Green Island. Up near the Cedar River, walleye fishing slowed from where it was but a few were still caught when trolling in 7 to 10 feet of water both north and south of the river. The fish caught had alewife in their bellies. Boats trolling for chinook have marked fish however none were caught.

Menominee River - Those fishing from the mouth upstream to the first dam have caught good numbers of catfish and freshwater drum. A lot of small walleye are in the river but a few bigger ones were caught when trolling a crawler harness or jigging with crawlers. Smallmouth and rock bass were also caught. A couple muskie were caught by those trolling the deeper holes with large spoons.

Cedar River - Those fishing from the mouth to the first rapids were mainly catching smallmouth bass and most were sub-legal. A few channel cats were caught.

Little Bay De Noc - Walleye catches were still down in the upper parts of the Bay but getting better south of the Ford River. Those trolling at night near the Second Reef caught fish, but the better fishing was the area around the “Fingers” when trolling crank baits and crawler harnesses in 14 to 38 feet of water. Smallmouth bass were caught near the Ford River, Garth Point and the Terrace Inn. Most were casting crank baits or tube baits in 4 to 8 feet of water.

Big Bay De Noc - Fish are starting to become more active and walleye anglers are catching them from the “Boot” south to Ansell’s Point. They are trolling or drifting crawlers in 14 to 30 feet of water. Good smallmouth action around the Bay when casting crank baits and jigs along the weeds. At Fairport, the better fishing has been in the evening when trolling artificial cut bait about 85 feet down in waters 125 feet deep. They have caught chinook and steelhead.

Au Train - Has fair lake trout fishing in 70 to 300 feet of water, as the fish seem to be scattered. A few lucky anglers did manage to catch their limit.

Munising - Limits of lake trout have been caught but it appears the salmon have headed out to deeper waters.

Grand Marais - Catch rates for whitefish were sporadic with a few caught in the early morning and at night. Lake trout action was good with limit catches reported.

St. Mary’s River - Those fishing upstream have caught walleye at the Bell Buoy when trolling. Good walleye fishing in the lower river on the north side of Lime Island and near Round Island. Most are trolling bottom bouncers with a 28 inch crawler harness in 8 to 12 feet of water.

Munuscong Bay - Walleye are in the Bay, upstream in the channel and south of the launch in Raber Bay. Try crawler harnesses in black, purple, silver and orange.

De Tour - Water temperatures are improving and so are catch rates. Lake trout and the occasional chinook or atlantic salmon have been caught just off the bottom.

Drummond Island - Slow walleye action in Scott Bay and Maxton Bay but a few walleye were caught on the northwest side of Peck Island when trolling bottom bouncers with crawler harnesses in 8 to 14 feet of water. Northern pike are hitting blue and chrome crank baits in and around James Island.

Cedarville and Hessel - Has excellent pike fishing. The water has begun to warm and the pike are hitting on stick baits in 5 to 12 feet of water. Perch and smallmouth bass are hitting in limited numbers. The fish are scattered throughout Cedarville Bay, Moscoe Channel and the east end of Hessel Bay. Herring are in McKay Bay in 10 to 15 feet of water. Anglers are using flies or wax worms.

St. Ignace - Anglers are trolling between the old fuel tanks and the Coast Guard Station for chinook or the backside of Bois Blanc Island for lake trout. When fishing around the island, use caution and watch for nets.

AAA June 24th Fishing Report

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

It’s hot outside and the bite is hot in several locations. Before heading to your fishing destination, visit for the latest traffic, construction, weather and road conditions that may affect your route.

Upper Peninsula  Northwest  West  Southwest
Northeast  East  Central  Southeast


Upper Peninsula:

Anglers fishing L’Anse and Keweenaw Bay’s are finding good numbers of walleye using jigs and crawler harnesses in 5-15 feet of water. Pan fish are on beds and the numbers are nice, while the salmon activity is rated fair. Lake Superior is producing good quantities of lake trout.

Anglers fishing in Escanaba are finding best results jigging outside of the weeds for some fair walleye action. Overall walleye seems to be spotty. Salmon is very slow at this point.

In the Manistique area it seems as if once the warm weather rolled in the fishing slowed down on Indian Lake where only a few perch and walleye are biting. Lake Michigan is rated fair to good for salmon action and the bass fishing is very good.

Sault Ste. Marie anglers are catching a few fish, but overall no great action taking place. Higher water levels are allowing anglers to fish in some areas that were too shallow in previous years however.

Very good walleye fishing is taking place once again this week for anglers on Gogomain River and Munuscong Lake. Crawler harnesses and bottom bouncers are working well.

A mayfly hatch around Drummond Island has slowed the walleye fishing. Fair angling action for bass and pike on Scott and Maxton Bay’s while fair to good fishing for Atlantic salmon can be found near the lighthouse southwest of the Island.

Fair walleye fishing is taking place for St. Ignace anglers on Brevort Lake and the same story for anglers fishing St. Martin’s Bay, only fair counts of salmon biting.

Information Providers: Johnson’s Sports-Drummond Island; Bay View Bait & Tackle-Escanaba; Top O’ Lake Sport-Manistique; Hank’s Sporting-Sault Ste. Marie; Wilderness Treasurers-Munuscong Bay; ACE Hardware-St. Ignace and Indian Country Sports-L’Anse.


Douglas Lake around the Alanson area is producing great numbers of pike and bass. Anglers are using crawlers with good success.

Traverse City anglers are finding good walleye fishing on Long Lake for walleye but sorting is necessary. Fair to good action is taking place for perch and blue gill are on their beds and the fishing is good. On Little Traverse Bay and Grand Traverse Bay the whitefish and trout action is rated fair.

Off of Frankfort charter boats are reeling in some very large fish from Lake Michigan. Crystal Lake is producing good numbers of bass, rock bass and pan fish. Platte Lake is giving up good counts of walleye, bass and pan fish. Most area streams and rivers are producing good quantities of Rainbow trout as well as Brown trout.

Good blue gill and bass fishing on the majority of inland lakes around Kalkaska. Trout activity seems to be scattered.

Great fishing in Gaylord with the Manistee, Sturgeon and Au Sable rivers producing nice trout fishing especially around 7 a.m. and 2 a.m. Brown Drake hatch taking place now. Otsego Lake anglers are doing well for walleye, bass and pan fish trolling, bobber fishing and when using Rapalas.

Good activity in Cadillac where blue gill and sunfish are on their beds in the shallows of Mitchell Lake. Cadillac Lake is producing good crappie counts in 4-10 feet of water. Overall, both lakes are providing very good fishing for large size Rock Bass, pike, bass, crappie, blue gill and sunfish. Walleye action is only rated fair.

Information providers: Gander Mountain-Traverse City; Backcast Fly Shop-Frankfort; Alphorn-Gaylord; Jack’s Sports-Kalkaska; Pilgrim’s Village-Cadillac and Young’s Bait Shop-Alanson.


Lake Michigan off of the Ludington area is producing good salmon fishing in 100-120 feet of water. Blue Dolphin and Wonder Bread spoons are hot. All area inland lakes are producing good fishing with good bites on blue gill, bass, pike and crappie.

Good angling taking place all around the Baldwin area. Howes and Big Bass lakes are producing good blue gill numbers on wax worms, wigglers, crickets and Hula Poppers. Big Bass Lake is also giving up good counts of perch on minnows. Anglers are pulling in good numbers of small mouth bass in the 5-6 pound range consistently and Jitterbugs and Hula Poppers are popular. The Pere Marquette, Manistee and Muskegon rivers are providing nice trout action for fly fishing in the early morning and late evening hours.

On Muskegon Lake the blue gill are bedding and the bass are in the channels. Lake Michigan is producing plentiful perch in 30-feet of water. Salmon are biting all over and in all depths and the activity is rated fair.

Good fishing is taking place out on Chippewa Lake where Yellow Spiders are working well on good numbers of pike and blue gill. Blue gill are bedding.

Information providers: Wolf Lake Resort & ATV Rental-Baldwin; King Sports-Baldwin; East Bay General Store-Chippewa Lake; Shoreline Bait & Tackle-Muskegon and P.M. Sports-Ludington.


Very good fishing is available around the Benton Harbor area where perch are hitting on minnows in 25-30 feet of water. Lake trout activity is very good but the salmon action has slowed. Off of the pier a few steelhead are still hitting and decent numbers of catfish and small mouth bass are biting.

Great perch fishing continues around the New Buffalo area in 16-20 feet of water particularly near the Pumping Station with anglers using minnows. The fish are a variety of sizes ranging from small to large. In the river the catfish and Rock bass are hitting on night crawlers in good numbers.

In Three Rivers, the fishing is very good on all inland lakes surrounding the area for blue gill, bass and crappie. Crickets are the hot bait but Red Wigglers and wax worms are working too.

Information providers: Tackle Haven-Benton Harbor and Captain Cook’s-New Buffalo.


Alpena anglers are finding good luck out on Hubbard and Long Lake for fair to good catches of walleye and bass. Crawler harnesses and leeches are working well. Thunder Bay River is giving up fair amounts of walleye on crawler harnesses and Rapalas.

Near Grayling Big Bear Lake is great for lake trout and thanks to the Hex hatch should be good for the next week or so. The Au Sable and Manistee rivers are both producing nice numbers of trout and the Hex hatch is helping anglers there as well. Frog, Section 1, Bradford and Blue gill lakes are all producing fair amounts of blue gill within the shallow waters. Manistee Lake has some nice crappie fishing taking place and Bear Lake is fair for bass and trout. Anglers on Lake Margrethe are pulling in some nice numbers of blue gill while the walleye activity has slowed because of the Hex hatch.

Overall great fishing is taking place around the Oscoda area. Cooke and Foote Dam ponds are producing good numbers of pike, perch, blue gill and bass. Anglers fishing in 150-feet of water and about two miles out on Lake Huron are getting good results with salmon. Perch, walleye, steelhead and sucker fishing is good on the Au Sable River. Van Etten Lake has some nice numbers for perch and pike.

Anglers fishing Houghton Lake are pulling in good numbers of walleye and bass, fair counts of pike and blue gill action is good with fish on their beds.

Nice fishing on Higgins Lake for small mouth bass, Rock bass using crawlers. Minnows are working well in 50-feet of water for perch and big Swedish Pimples are doing the trick on nice numbers of lake trout.

Average summer fishing overall is taking place throughout the Au Gres area. However, very good walleye action can be found in the Bay area.

Information providers: Clem’s-Alpena; Skips-Grayling; Lyman’s-Houghton Lake; Sports Barn-Higgins Lake; Wright’s Sport Shop-Au Gres and The Dam Store-Oscoda.


Off of Standish walleye action is good in 25-27 feet of water and best results are found using crawlers, harnesses and spoons.

Saginaw Bay, the fish are hitting off of Linwood in deeper waters around 20-24 feet on crawler harnesses and Hot-N-Tots. Take part in the Scottish Rite 1st Annual Walleye Tournament at Linwood Beach Marina. Anglers need to be registered prior to 6:30 a.m., call 989-832-3360 for details.

Near Bay City the walleye fishing is phenomenal everywhere from Oakhurst to Au Gres. Water depths range from 3-20 feet. Crawler harnesses are popular as well as Hot-N-Tots for deeper waters. Catfish and Gar pike are hitting on crawlers, dough balls or dried shrimp around Finn Road.

Callahan Reef is a hot spot for limits of fish on Saginaw Bay. Try using quarter or half ounce in-line weights and crawler harnesses trolled 10 to 20 feet behind planer boards. Anglers are doing best in 7-9 feet of water using gold blades with chartreuse beads. Mid-day seems to be most productive and trolling at low speeds less than 1.3 mph.

A few larger fish are hitting in 5-6 feet of water. Hot weather has heated up the walleye fishing and Bay Port anglers are heading straight out to fish around North Island and using crawlers with very good results.

Anglers fishing in Port Austin are finding that the walleye are moving in and some good fishing is taking place for King and Coho salmon.

Kings, Coho and lake trout are abundant near Harbor Beach. Anglers are doing well on Lake Huron fishing in waters 80-110 feet with a variety of spoons. Bass are active in 12-feet of water on leeches, while walleye are found in 45-feet. Perch action is good fishing 18-25 feet and using minnows.

Perch are starting to move in to Port Sanilac and around Lexington in good numbers.

An overload of walleye has anglers limiting out quickly in Port Huron. Anglers drifting the river are finding walleye three deep with crawler harnesses working well. Out on Lake Huron anglers are whipping and hand lining with good results. Shore fishing is very good for walleye and even an occasional Brown trout, Coho and steelhead. Thanks to the silver bass, they brought a lot of fish to the area.

The mouth of the Black River is loaded with silver bass and minnows on crappie rigs on the bottom are working well. The Black River has small mouth bass and pike everywhere and hitting just about everything.

Mill Creek is good for small mouth bass. All of the ponds in the area are giving up plenty of bass on spinners and even a few pike. Anglers will have to deal with plenty of weeds though.

Information providers: Frank’s Place-Harbor Beach; 1st & Main-Bay Port; Michigan Sportsman-Bay City; Eagle Bay Marina-Standish; Anderson’s Pro Bait-Port Huron and Frank’s Great Outdoors-Linwood.


Mount Pleasant anglers are doing well for pan fish and walleye near the Hubsher Gravel Pit when using crawler harnesses and leeches. Overall, most ponds feeding from the Chippewa River are producing great numbers of Blue gill.

Lansing anglers are doing well on a variety of fish. Catfish are hitting near Sleepy Hollow State Park and near Moores Park during the mid-day. Carp and catfish action is hit or miss on the Grand River. Try casting close to shore so that you stay out of the heavy current. Chicken liver, small blue gill, stink baits and corn all work fairly well. As the water levels recede the pan fish are returning and the weekend should be terrific. Near the Lansing Dam red worms under a bobber are working well on Rock bass. Walleye, pike and crappie are hitting at the south end of the river near Waverly Road.

Near the Brooklyn area, Sand and Clark lakes are producing a few walleye off the bottom with leeches. Good blue gill action as fish move towards waters 14 feet deep. Anglers are doing well fishing 7-8 feet down with crickets.

Information providers: Jake’s outdoors-Mt. Pleasant; Knutson’s Live Bait-Brooklyn and Grand River Bait and Tackle-Lansing.


Fairhaven anglers are doing well out near the shipping channel near Buoy 28 for perch on minnows. Perch action also good northeast of Grass Island around the cut, 10-feet out in front of Selfridge and in the reeds on Goose Bay. Walleye are hanging in the river and good action is taking place from Marine City to Algonac using crawler harnesses and bottom bouncers.

Off of the Harrison area bass and blue gill are being caught around Gino’s Surf and the 400 Club in 8-12 feet of water. Bass are active near Masonic Boulevard in eight feet of water. Out in the shipping channels near Buoy 26 and around the St. Clair Light the perch and walleye are hitting in 18-feet of water.

The Detroit River between Melvindale and the Ambassador Bridge seems to be turning back on for walleye. Could be that since the silver bass have slowed tremendously the walleye are just easier to catch. Near the Ambassador Bridge on the Canadian side hand liners are doing well at night typically getting limits. Anglers fishing around Fighting Island are pulling in decent size walleye on crawler harnesses generally getting limits.

Perch fishing on the Detroit River is decent north of Grassy Island and on the north side of Grosse Ile, the south side of Sugar Island, around the Cross-Dyke and south of Celeron. Shiner minnows on perch rigs work well. Lots of yellow perch caught at the mouth of the Detroit River and ranging 12-15 inches. The Trenton Channel is slow for walleye but the fish are moving back in and up the river and anglers are trolling with spoons, hand lining and averaging 6-10 fish per boat. Walleye that are in the river are larger this time around. A Mayfly hatch seems to have triggered the fish to eat. The Detroit River is slow for bass and the fish are small.

Anglers fishing Lake Erie and out by the Detroit Light and Buoy 10 are pulling in a few good size walleye on minnows and some perch are biting on shiner minnows on perch rigs.

Off of Rock Wood shore fishing is good for catfish on shrimp and crawlers, while bass are hitting in good numbers on spinner bait. The Huron River is producing a few bass and some catfish near the mouth of the river.

Near Monroe Lake Erie is producing nice numbers of perch near Toledo Beach, Sputnik and E-Buoys, off the Banana Dyke, near the Dumping Grounds and around Luna Pier. Walleye activity is good at Stoney Point, Estral Beach and out in front and north of Fermi in 13-20 feet of water using crawler harnesses and bottom bouncers with purple and pink the best producers. Anglers also are using whites and blades with some gold in them and Erie Deeries. Weeds are a problem pretty much all along the shoreline. Mayfly hatch is heavy in several areas.

Out deeper anglers are getting walleye in 24-30 feet of water near the shipping channels, near the Michigan and Ohio line. Walleye are on fire near Middle Sister Island, northwest of West Sister Island, east of Buoy 1 in the Toledo shipping channel and near Holiday Beach and Colchester. Crawler harnesses, spoons and Hot-N-Tots are all working well.

Belleville and Ford lakes are producing nice numbers on a variety of fish including walleye, bass, crappie and blue gill. The bass bite is particularly good. Four Mile Lake near Chelsea has great fishing. The Huron River near the paper mill is great for bass and walleye fishing. Several baits are working well including Golden Shiners 2 ½ inches long, pan fish worms, night crawlers, wax worms and leeches.

Information providers: Bluewater Bait-Fairhaven; Lakeside Fishing Shop-St. Clair Shores; Pro-Fishing & Archery-Harrison Township; South Street Tackle-Belleville; Bottom Line Bait & Tackle-Rock Wood; Erie Party Shop-Monroe; Andy’s Tackle Box-Melvindale;; Gander Mountain-Taylor; The Bait & Tackle Box-Trenton and Lance Valentine’s Walleye 101.

Wednesday’s Fishing Report

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Yesterday got a late start giving the outboard a shakedown cruise after some light maintenance before making some long runs for this weekend.  As hot as it was, there were a fair amount of boats out there.  Spread from inside Brest Bay out to the Ohio  and Canadian lines.

Got some fish right off the bat with the crawler harnesses, then had to work the rest of the time out there.  In that heat four hours after a late start was PLENTY. Plan on hitting the water at dawn on Friday and checking out two areas I have waypoints already from this year and last year, too.

After fishing yesterday, it seemed like everything was working for different folks in certain areas.  One boat ran nothing but Tots and did ok.  Another with spoons a little deeper and further east.  Also ran into a couple of groups who used meat rigs and did well.  There were the fair share of those who came with 3 or 5 per boat, not considering the heat but on the low side for 3 to four people in the boat.

Jeff’s Bait Shop Walleye Tournament

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

Just another reminder to get out this weekend and have some fun with other SE Michigan walleye anglers at the tourney being held Saturday by Jeff’s Bait and Tackle over on 1756 N. Dixie Highway.

Here are some of the particulars:

June 27th, Presented by Domka Outdoors

$25 per person

Each boat weighs their five biggest fish

Times are 6 am to 2 pm, you have to be in line for weigh in by TWO PM.

I hope to have some more information after fishing today.

Father’s Day Fishing Reports on Erie

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

Since I was at the Tiger’s game yesterday watching Detroit sweep the Brew Crew, I went through some reports online to get you the best available information heading into this week before the DNR and AAA reports come out.

13 to 15 ft of water North of Fermi, gold spoons and Tots.

29 fow out east of Stoney, running mini’s 90 to 100 ft back with Scorpion spoons, 2 to 2.5 mph

12 to 17 fow inside the bay, crawler harnesses…limit

Sputnik to West Sister, pulling meat 15 to 45 ft back with one oz inline weights.

Weeds seem abound near the point, and no one spot is holding fish for long.  As the days grow hotter, deeper seems to hold bigger fish.  Up on Saginaw they are killing 30 to 40 ft right off Au Gres.

Mayflies are a good thing

Sunday, June 21st, 2009

This year has been crazy, the whole darn global warming thing has cooled the waters of the big lakes 6 to 10 degrees  this year, lake levels are up, and the mayfly hatch is a few weeks behind schedule. 

While some of the older anglers still believe that when the bugs rise from the bottom of Lake Erie its best to stay home, just the opposite is true.  I have said before, and will keep saying it, get out there and go fishing.  The eyes are eating, which means they are in an active mode of bite first, worry later.

Look for the big mats of floating fish flies, fish around them either casting “weapons” or trolling meat rigs…aka…crawler harnesses.  Hot metal blades this time of the year are…..COPPER.  Just about anything placed on top of a copper blade will make your day productive.  Makes since, flies are brownish, make the blades brownish.  A greenish/yellowish tint on a Mack’s Smile blade in motor oil is also bug like, and that slow spin stays in the strike zone longer.  Goby patterns on copper, and even gold are good producers.  Dark colors going through the rising mayflies work well too, Erie’s favorite color continues to work here too.  In case you didn’t know, its purple.  Purple Pirate, Purple Claw, Mystic, Voo Doo and regular all purple blades shine during the hatch.

So if you haven’t already, go out there and fish, take your dad’s.  Happy Father’s Day.

Jet Diver Charts

Saturday, June 20th, 2009

Straight from the factory, I must admit I haven’t tried them yet. I have the charts from Precision Trolling.

Dive Chart

Keep spare snells while fishing

Friday, June 19th, 2009

This time of the year when crawler harnesses are most effective, you have two options.  One, have about a dozen rigs made up with the same blade pattern, or have some spare snells made up where you can simply exchange the beads and blades from the worn out one, to the new rig.

The other day I dropped off three dozen snells over to Jeff’s Bait & Tackle.  The guy is starting to carry beads and blades so anglers can make their own crawler harnesses.  Great idea, you know me by now, I make all my rigs and harnesses when I can. It also got me thinking about the importance of carrying spare snells out on the boat.

Its crazy that most folks go through a day of fishing and never check their crawler harnesses for twists, nicks and shreds.  After every fish, every time you bring your lines in to clear the cottonwood fuzz or weeds off your line, CHECK YOUR HARNESSES. 

Look for severe twisting, which can lead to kinks…a weak spot in the line.  These days on the Great Lakes, you cannot avoid nicks.  There are just too many zebra muscles around, so check your snells in between the hooks where the lil’ buggers gather.  Finally not only check the length of your line, but around the spinner specifically for wear marks that look like its been shredded or little pieces flaking off.  No matter which clevis type you like, it will happen.

Even though I said check for all these signs everytime you bring your line in, these things should only happen after some hours of use.  Not the zebra nicks, but the other two signs of wear.  Also look for nicks and cuts where you pull hooks out of the fish’s mouths.  I had a tourney partner once who was not very careful with the pliers and always got the line cut up while taking them out.

So carry extra snells with you, change up and get back to fishing as fast as you can with your hot blade and bead combination.

June 18th Michigan DNR Fishing Report

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

This coming Saturday, June 20th is the opening day of bass season on the Detroit River, Lake St. Clair and the St. Clair River. Panfish activity has started to pick up along with walleye, pike, bass and catfish. Mayfly hatches have just started in certain areas around the state.


Southeast Lower Peninsula

Lake Erie - Walleye fishing was fair in 25 to 27 feet of water off Stoney Point, 20 feet of water off the Fermi Power Plant and 15 feet of water along the north end of the Banana Dike. The better fishing was in Ohio waters near West Sister Island where spoons, crank baits and crawlers were all producing fish depending on weather conditions. Perch anglers were starting to catch more fish near the mouth of the River Raisin and the Banana Dike when using minnows. Largemouth bass fishing was good between the River Raisin and Bolles Harbor.

Detroit River - Even though the Mayfly hatch is underway, walleye are still being caught. Copper and gold have been good colors. Perch can be found along the shipping channel and the weed beds. Good numbers of white perch have been caught in the lower Trenton Channel.

Lexington - Lake trout and salmon are hitting in waters 20 to 75 feet deep. Those fishing close to shore in the early morning caught salmon, lake trout and walleye. Pier anglers are catching rock bass, crappie, bass, pike, bullhead and a few walleye.

Harbor Beach - For chinook and coho, try 30 to 90 feet of water straight out or north of the harbor when trolling spoons off downriggers and offshore boards. Good colors were silver, green, blue, orange and yellow. Steelhead are hitting on bright colored spoons or body baits in 70 to 110 feet of water. Lake trout could be found in the lower half of waters 60 to 100 feet deep. Good colors were white with pink dots, green camo, orange or green. Walleye were caught in the evening when casting body baits off the north wall or trolling a crawler harness, small spoons or Hot-n-Tots. Perch anglers will want to try along the channel inside the harbor, near the lighthouse or the cemetery in 25 to 40 feet of water.

Grindstone City - Smallmouth bass are still hitting in Eagle Bay.

Port Austin - Walleye are being caught off all the local reefs.

Saginaw Bay - Hot spots for walleye over the last week have been the Spark Plug, Callahan Reef, 10 feet of water off Kitchen Road and the mouth of the Kawkawlin River, the Slot from Quanicassee northeast to Sand Point and the Bar on the west side of the Slot. Pretty much wherever anglers went they caught walleye as long as they were in 10 feet of water or deeper, and most were getting their limits. The action near Sand Point and Wildfowl Bay slowed maybe because the fish moved out to deeper water. Channel cats were hitting in the Hot Ponds. Slow fishing at Caseville except for a few bass taken off the pier.

Saginaw River - Bass and catfish have been caught in the lower river.

Southwest Lower Peninsula

St. Joe - Trout and salmon are still being caught in waters 100 to 180 feet deep. A few perch have been caught in 40 to 60 feet of water north of the pier. Those fishing off the pier have caught the occasional steelhead along with a few perch, catfish and freshwater drum.

St. Joe River - Is high and the current is fast after the recent rains.

Kalamazoo River - Is producing some walleye and bass.

Austin Lake - Anglers are catching good numbers of bluegill.

Long Lake - In Kalamazoo County is producing fair to good numbers of pike.

Holland - Salmon and trout are still being caught however the fish are scattered which makes it harder to take limit catches.

Grand Haven - Salmon have been caught out deep in waters 200 to 320 feet deep. Target the top half of the water column with spoons. Hot colors were gold, orange and silver. Those fishing off the south pier were catching steelhead when using shrimp under a bobber. A few perch were also caught.

Grand River at Grand Rapids - Skamania have been caught on yarn, flies or bunny strips. Walleye are still being caught between the Sixth Street Dam and Wealthy Street. Anglers are drifting crawlers and small rapalas. Smallmouth bass were hitting on black and white Twister Tails. A few pike were caught on sucker minnows. Slow catch rates for crappie, bluegills and catfish.

Grand River at Lansing - Check out Moore’s Park for walleye. Carp have been caught off the boardwalk along Riverfront Park. Try crawlers or corn. Some nice rock bass were caught on red worms below the North Lansing Dam.

Lake Ovid - Is producing some nice channel cats on live bait, chicken liver or fresh dead bait.

Morrison Lake - Crappie were hitting on pink and white jigs or tear drops with minnows or wax worms.

Rogue River - Brown trout and skamania have been caught above and below the Rockford Dam. Most are using leaf worms or spinners.

Reeds Lake - Bluegills can be found just off the bottom from the shallows to water 20 feet deep. Perch are in 20 to 25 feet of water. Pike were caught when slow trolling with sucker minnows, spoons or large body baits. Largemouth bass were hitting on purple worms.

Muskegon - The trout and salmon are still way out in waters 200 to 320 feet deep. Troll the upper half of the water column with spoons. Good colors were gold, orange and yellow. No word on perch.

Whitehall - Salmon were still being caught however the action was slower. Most were trolling in 180 to 220 feet of water. Some perch were caught near the wreck which is a few miles north of the pier. Those fishing off the piers have caught a few brown trout on Cleo’s.

Northeast Lower Peninsula

Mullett Lake - Anglers have been targeting smallmouth bass along the drop-offs with tube baits, jerk baits, and spinners. Walleye anglers are trolling on the north end with crank baits, spinners or crawler harnesses. A few pike and perch were caught.

Burt Lake - Walleye have been caught on stick baits and bottom bouncers. Some fish were taken high in the water column and others at 25 feet.

Rogers City - Has very good lake trout fishing with lots of limit catches reported. Some smaller throw backs have started to show up which means the bigger fish are heading out to deeper waters. Anglers were targeting the bottom 10 feet of waters 30 to 60 feet deep around Swan Bay, Adams Point, Seagull Point and Forty Mile Point. Try cowbells and spin glo’s, dodgers and spin glo’s, blue and silver or green spoons. The salmon are scattered in the top 60 feet of waters up to 100 feet deep.

Presque Isle - Good numbers of lake trout have been caught in 30 to 80 feet of water. Fish closer to the bottom the more shallow you are. Out deeper, they are suspended 15 to 20 feet off the bottom.

Rockport - Lake trout have been caught close to the harbor in about 50 feet of water. Some are fishing in 70 feet of water near the Nordmere Wreck for chinook, coho and lake trout.

Alpena - Walleye have been caught in waters up to 25 feet deep along the north shore and between Grass Island and Partridge Point. The island is a mile or two south of the launch. Body baits with a perch pattern are working well.

Thunder Bay River - Anglers are catching walleye and smallmouth bass when still-fishing with worms. Walleye were also caught on leeches.

Hubbard Lake - Has good smallmouth bass fishing.

Harrisville - Fish have been caught in waters 45 to 120 feet deep. Try silver, green and white combinations with planer boards and lead core.

Higgins Lake - Perch are being caught but it will be short lived because the Brown Drake hatch is underway. Lake trout are deep and hitting on body baits or live bait.

Houghton Lake - Walleye have been caught when trolling crawler harnesses or leech rigs in 6 to 8 feet of water. Some big bluegills and sunfish are hitting on wax worms or leaf worms in 3 to 6 feet of water. The Mayfly hatch is currently underway.

Oscoda - Lake trout and salmon have been caught on silver and green spoons in 60 to 100 feet of water.

Au Sable River - Walleye are being caught when drifting crawlers or leeches.

Tawas Lake - Anglers are catching some nice bluegills.

Tawas - Has been the one exception to excellent walleye fishing, so most boat anglers are trailering down to Au Gres. The only report for walleye was a few fish caught down near Alabaster. Smallmouth bass fishing has been excellent. Pier anglers have caught the occasional bass, walleye, catfish and carp.

Au Gres - Walleye fishing here remains excellent, with lots of limit catches reported. Anglers are fishing 30 to 40 feet of water both north and south of the river.

Au Gres River - Anglers were taking channel cats along with the occasional bass and walleye on crawlers. Those night fishing near the Singing Bridge have caught some walleye in the surf.

Northwest Lower Peninsula

Petoskey - Lake Michigan waters are still cold with surface temperatures in the 50 degree range.

Bear River - Bass fishing was a bit slow however anglers were catching rock bass, freshwater drum and carp.

Charlevoix - Some anglers caught plenty of lake trout just off the bottom in waters up to 80 feet deep, but many were small. Anglers report plenty of baitfish in the area.

Lake Charlevoix - A fair number of walleye and smallmouth bass have been caught.

Lake Bellaire - Construction at the Fisherman’s Paradise access site has been completed. The access site is now deeper and the dock extends further out, so it should be much easier to launch a boat. Walleye anglers are taking fish in the early morning and late evening when trolling near the Grass River outlet, the northern drop-offs, and the northwest arm from the Narrows to the Eckertly Road access site. Try crawler harnesses, jigs with leeches or rapalas. Fair to good smallmouth bass action along the west side of the lake, the flats on the north shore, and near the Grass River. Perch were caught in the northwest arm in 4 to 15 feet of water. Try leaf worms or crawlers. Rock bass are hitting in 7 to 10 feet.

Leland - Boats out trolling have caught limits of lake trout just above the 45th Parallel when using blue spoons and flies in 50 to 60 feet of water. Chinook must be moving into the area as a few fish were caught on the north side of North Manitou Island.

Glen Arbor - Several chinook salmon including some weighing in at 12 to 15 pounds have been caught south of the Coast Guard Station. Nothing routine here as one day they are 80 to 90 feet down and the next day they will only hit high lines trolled quite a ways behind the boat.

Glen Lake - Dredging at the access site has been completed. Lake trout were hitting in 50 to 70 feet of water. Perch fishing has slowed for now but a few fish were still caught near the marina.

Frankfort - Chinook have been caught along the outside edge of the Herring Hole in the early morning. Those trolling in the afternoon had better luck along the Shelf towards Betsie Point. Chinook and lake trout were caught on spoons in 100 to 140 feet of water. Orange, pink, green and blue were good colors.

Onekama - Good fishing for those trolling up near the Barrel. Chinook were caught on the north end of the structure in 80 to 130 feet of water. Meat rigs along with purple, green, and blue spoons were catching the most fish.

Portage Lake - Fishing was slow due to the recent Mayfly hatch. Bass anglers are still taking fish in 8 to 10 feet of water. Boat anglers trolling in the afternoon caught some nice pike along with the occasional large bluegill or perch. For walleye, anglers trolling near the channel at night have caught fish on small body baits.

Lake Missaukee - Pan fishing improved and lots of pike have been caught.

Manistee - Boat anglers fishing off the Shelf are still taking trout and salmon. Anglers are fishing the top 60 feet at various depths. A few scum lines were found by those venturing out towards deeper waters. Green and orange spoons were still the top producers. Pier anglers were still picking up the occasional chinook or brown trout when casting spoons.

Ludington - Salmon and trout have been caught in 70 to 140 feet of water between the Bath House and Betsie Point. Good colors were green, blue and orange. Pier fishing was slow.


Copper Harbor - Has good splake fishing for those casting spinners or stick baits. Most of the fish recorded were between 3 and 5 pounds.

Eagle Harbor - Lake trout were caught on cut bait in 50 to 100 feet of water.

Lac La Belle - In Keweenaw County is producing some nice crappie in 4 to 10 feet of water.

Keweenaw Bay - Chinook, coho, and a few lake trout were caught from the head of the Bay to Carla’s Restaurant which is located on U.S. 41. Spoons, dodgers and flies or body baits in green, gold, orange or white were catching fish. Try 40 to 90 feet down in waters 50 to 110 feet deep. Good trolling action in Traverse Bay in 120 to 180 feet of water between the stacks and Big Louie’s Point. Lake trout were caught off the Point in 220 to 240 feet of water when using jigs with cut bait such as smelt or suckers.

Marquette - Some limits of lake trout were caught in 140 to 180 feet of water near the White Rocks and Shot Point. Coho, brown trout and steelhead were also caught. Morning trips were best. Those fishing at the “Rock” were jigging cut bait. Surface water temperatures are 46 to 49 degrees.

Menominee - Boats are trolling in 14 to 25 feet of water in both Michigan and Wisconsin waters but only picking up a few fish. A few smallmouth bass were caught but most were sub-legal.

Menominee River - Boat and shore anglers fishing between the mouth and the Hattie Street Dam have caught lots of catfish and freshwater drum. Some nice walleye were caught in the deeper holes when trolling crawler harnesses. The better fishing was in the early morning or late evening. Crawlers worked best.

Cedar River - Anglers have caught lots of smallmouth bass when jigging crawlers.

Little Bay De Noc - Water temperature have made it up to 60 degrees but the walleye bite was still slow and many fish were sub-legal. The better catches were coming around Strawberry Island and south to the Center Reef when trolling or drifting crawlers in 4 to 32 feet of water. Fish shallow up near the island. Walleye were also caught between No-See-Um Creek and the “Fingers.” Good smallmouth action around the Bay including Garth Point and Hunter’s Point. Perch fishing was fair for those jigging or drifting worms in 8 to 18 feet of water around Butler Island.

Ford River - Has good smallmouth action for those casting tube baits or crank baits. Shore anglers also caught fish when casting crank baits near the split.

Big Bay De Noc - Walleye have been caught out by the “Boot” when trolling crawlers just off the bottom in 14 to 20 feet of water. Smallmouth bass were caught in Garden Bay and South River Bay, off Porcupine Point and near Ogontz. Try waters 4 to 14 feet deep.

Au Train - Had fair fishing with a few lake trout caught in waters between 70 and over 300 feet deep. A few lucky anglers did manage to get their limit. The surface water temperatures were between 41 and 45 degrees.

Munising - Lake trout have been caught in Trout Bay and the West Channel.

Grand Marais - The better whitefish action was in the early morning and at night. Limits of lake trout were caught in 120 to 270 feet of water.

St. Mary’s River - Had reports of walleye being caught near Dan’s Resort when trolling a crawler harness in 3 to 5 feet of water. Purple and pink or light green were good colors.

Munuscong Bay - The walleye action has just begun. Try fishing shallow waters near the weeds. Early morning and late evening produced the most fish near the mouth of the Munuscong River.

De Tour - The action was a bit slower however anglers were fishing from the city launch to the #3 green can and around both the red cans on the Drummond Island side. Chinook, atlantic salmon and lake trout were caught in the top 30 feet of water when using green and gold spoons.

Drummond Island - Walleye have been caught in 4 to 6 feet of water in Scotts Bay. Most fish were caught on crawler harnesses with bottom bouncers. Smallmouth bass and northern pike were caught on the west side of James Island.

Cedarville and Hessel - Even with cooler temperatures, anglers were catching good numbers of northern pike and fair numbers of smallmouth bass. Northern pike are biting in the Moscoe Channel, Cedarville Bay and Mackinac Bay. Most were casting spinner baits or stick baits.

St. Ignace - Boat anglers fishing between the city launch and the Coast Guard launch are getting a lot of hits, but landing only a few. Chinook, atlantic salmon and lake trout were caught 25 to 50 feet down on spoons.