Keep spare snells while fishing

This time of the year when crawler harnesses are most effective, you have two options.  One, have about a dozen rigs made up with the same blade pattern, or have some spare snells made up where you can simply exchange the beads and blades from the worn out one, to the new rig.

The other day I dropped off three dozen snells over to Jeff’s Bait & Tackle.  The guy is starting to carry beads and blades so anglers can make their own crawler harnesses.  Great idea, you know me by now, I make all my rigs and harnesses when I can. It also got me thinking about the importance of carrying spare snells out on the boat.

Its crazy that most folks go through a day of fishing and never check their crawler harnesses for twists, nicks and shreds.  After every fish, every time you bring your lines in to clear the cottonwood fuzz or weeds off your line, CHECK YOUR HARNESSES. 

Look for severe twisting, which can lead to kinks…a weak spot in the line.  These days on the Great Lakes, you cannot avoid nicks.  There are just too many zebra muscles around, so check your snells in between the hooks where the lil’ buggers gather.  Finally not only check the length of your line, but around the spinner specifically for wear marks that look like its been shredded or little pieces flaking off.  No matter which clevis type you like, it will happen.

Even though I said check for all these signs everytime you bring your line in, these things should only happen after some hours of use.  Not the zebra nicks, but the other two signs of wear.  Also look for nicks and cuts where you pull hooks out of the fish’s mouths.  I had a tourney partner once who was not very careful with the pliers and always got the line cut up while taking them out.

So carry extra snells with you, change up and get back to fishing as fast as you can with your hot blade and bead combination.

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