DB Fishing Blades: went shopping

After the success of last Sunday’s fishing trip I called back up to DB Fishing and placed another order for the blades that were hot, and a couple more to try out.    The Whiptail blades are only 90 cents, and when you order more than 10 colorado blades  the price drops to 80 cents a piece. Also,  picked up another 1000 ct pack of 6 mm hot pink beads for $5.50.

Whiptail and Colorado Blades

Whiptail and Colorado Blades

Left Side:  AntiFreeze, Goby, Firetiger, and Reverse Muffin (top to bottom)

Right Side: Sample blade, Purple/Antifreeze back,  Pink Panties and Perch.

The best blades from last weekend were the Goby and Reverse Muffin.  Here are all the Whiptail Blades that you can order.

whiptail blades


There are three more pages of colorado blades to choose from also.  Best thing about the operation is if you have a blade that has been killer for you, but either you cannot find it anymore or if the company has gone out of business, mail it up and they will paint them up for you.

Can’t wait to see these guys at the boat show next spring.

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