Lake Erie Walleye Report for July 30th

What’s better than getting all three guys in the boat their Michigan limit of five fish each?  Slipping over the Ohio line and getting your extra fish per OH regulations of course.  We no sooner went over the line, in 15 min picked up our last three fish to wrap up a great day on the water.


The day started at Jeff’s Bait Shop needing some crawlers and new info. We launched from Sterling and made  a beeline to 23 foot of water out of the Sterling State Park launch, and then going north towards Stoney Point.  The Antifreeze blades from DB Fishing were productive early on both the port  8 oz bottom bouncer and an inline Church Board running a 2 oz keel weight.  We started switching colors trying to get a good match on the other 6 rods. 

About the same time we were off Stoney, we landed a few fish including an 18 lb carp!  What that fish was doing out there  I don’t know, it was a first for me being that deep, It had my St Croix Premier trolling rod bent over and felt like a walleye coming, and I mean big walleye until we saw it at the boat. My buddy running the net said it was a sheephead, and I saw scales when it rolled, and knew right away it was a carp.

We finally got the blade program nailed running Northland’s Holographic Baitfish Sunfish (chart/orange), Pink Panties and Antifreeze.  To keep things going while trying to new blades, I through out a Carter Casey I had picked up from Fishlander before they went out of business.  It picked up a few fish for us.

So by the point we made some circles and changed up the speed, going from 1.3 to 1.8 mph.  This helped keep the silver bass, white perch and sheephead off the lines,  while it seemed to increase the size of the fish as well.  Good mental note to keep folks, if you are marking fish and not catching, its not always the lure, make sure to vary your speed until you get the bite dialed in.

From there we made and east/west run towards the Ohio line and kept picking up fish, and again bigger fish too.  This time of the year its rare to get into a mess of 4 lb walleye in this part of the lake, but its not your normal year with the cooler temps we have had.

There were 15 walleye in the box as we crossed over the Ohio line.  We brought in the long line rods that had the Jet Divers on, remember Ohio does not allow three rods per person, only two still.  Not 15 min later, we had three more in the box, picked up and headed home.

The water/weather was great.  Not many weeds considering the storms we have had, waves never over one and half foot, and the algae was blooming.  It might have triggered the baitfish into a more active mode because the walleye definitely seemed more interested after 9:30 am.

Will be heading out one more time this weekend.

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3 Responses to Lake Erie Walleye Report for July 30th

  1. john says:

    Just FYI you are not allowed a ohio limit in michigan waters, I had done the same in the past no more, once you cross the state line back in Michigan u are only allowed a michigan limit it don’t matter where you landed it. If I am wrong why didn’t you get a ohio limit of 6 and a michigan limit of 5 and bring them in

  2. Mason says:

    You are mistaken, all you need to have is your Ohio license to fish in Ohio, once you limit out you cannot stop in Michigan waters upon your return to your luanch site/port. I carry both licenses because at this end of Michigan waters, at some point you will cross the state lines.

  3. Tobusy says:

    Mason is correct. John you are misinformed. It is perfectly legal to catch your ohio limit and bring it into MI waters as long as you are traveling back to your launch in MI.

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