Perch Rigs, Here’s a thought

Ok, I had a thought on how to perhaps make the standard perch/crappie rig a bit more effect.  Of course it occured to me after I had ordered the bigger four inch hook lears from Jann’s Netcraft and had tied up four rigs with the 2.5 inch lears.

To the point, why not combine the two sizes while making one rig?  For my bottom lear, use the 2.5 inch wire rig.  Then use the 4″ lear for the top hook.   To the best of my knowledge I have not seen this done before.  All the rigs I had stored up from previous purchases before tearing them apart and  making my own, always came with two of the two and half inch types.

Now for the rationale for this though, to increase the hooking percentage of those lovely yellow bellies by having two hooks in or at least closer to the strike zone.  ie….near the bottom.

Because the four inch lear will hang out further than the bottom rigged 2.5″ arm, you should be able to rig it lower than you normally would without getting it tangled with the bottom hook or wire.  Thus having one hook rigged with a shiner on the bottom, and the second rig  a mere 7 or 8 inches above it.  Much closer than the standard rigs you can buy in the stores.

Now its yet to be proven through actual fishing, this should increase the rate of doubles per rig….at least that’s the theory so far.  Another couple of weeks should tell one way or another.

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