Perch Rigs: Make Your Own

Last year I shared on how to make your own perch rigs by taking three lengths of 20 lb test monofilament and tying two double uni knots.  And either last year or the year before about converting spoons to make your own “hybrid” rigs with a length of leader line attached to a hook.  This year it will be the standard perch or crappie rig with the twisted metal arms called hook lears.

Here is the only pic that I could save, it is an Eagle Claw rig already made up with hooks.

hook lears

Here is what you will need for components:

(1)  Duolock snap, size 3 is good, but really any size will do.

(1) Barrel or Crane swivel, again size three is good

(4) 4 or 5 mm beads

(2) Hook lears, 2.5  or 4 inch or combination of the two

(1)  36 inch length of mono: 20 or 25 lb will do nicely

(1) 1/2, 3/4 or 1 oz casting weight.  These look like a fat tear drop with a wire loop at the top.

Hook snells can be purchased, or you can make your own up out of fluorocarbon or 10 lb mono with hook sizes running from #8’s to #4’s.  #6 is a good tweener size, but I like smaller sizes available.  You catch everything that way.

The process is simple, at one end tie on your snap.  A Palomar knot is simple and effective or you can run it through a double loop knot.  Next take one of your beads and slide it down the line and estimate how far of a drop your hook leader will have to the bottom of the rig.  Once you have done that, run your mono leader through the bead twice.  It is important to do it that many times because a single looped bead will slip if a sheephead or walleye hits the minnow.

Next slide down the metal hook lears so it rests on top of the bead.  Jann’s Netcraft down in Ohio is the best source I know for buying the lears already made up.  They have both sizes available either in 10 pks or 50 packs.

A 50 pk might seem like a lot, but if you only buy 10, that’s 5 rigs you can make.  If you tangle with a big fish and the rig gets destroyed with four people fishing, then you are left without a spare rig to fish with.  These are so simple to make, I suggest getting the 50 pack for convenience sake.

Next step is to run another bead down the line.  You can use a single loop of line through the bead here, or if you want to double up that’s fine as well.  I have never had a fish fight above the lear, they always pulling down on the way up.  The key is to leave just enough space between the top bead and the lear as to allow it to swivel around the rig’s main line freely.

The next to last step is to repeat the process with installing the second lear to your rig.  Measure/guess  the length needed to ensure your second hook does not snag the first.  Then your double loop bead, the lear and topped off with the top bead.

The last part of the process is to take your swivel and attach to the top of the rig.  Again either the palomar or double loop knot works.

You are actually done with the making process now.  All you have to do is attach a weight to the snap, and your main line from the reel to your swivel.  An assortment of weights is good so you can match the conditions, you want to maintain contact with the lake’s bottom.

For your hook leaders if decide to make your own, this is an easy process as well.  Attach your hook at one end of a 6 or 8 inch leader.  You can attach a bead above the hook (just slide down) or a bead and flicker blade (size #0 or #00 Indiana blade) in either brass or silver.  Finish it off with a double loop knot, run the loop through the end of the hook lear, slide the hook through the leader loop and cinch down.

You are ready to go perch fishing…..good luck.

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5 Responses to Perch Rigs: Make Your Own

  1. jack says:

    well done . can you repost the other perch rig

  2. Mason says:

    This is the link for the hybrid rig Jack. Funny you brought this up, because this morning while watching a show on ice fishing in Wisconsin they were using spoons for walleye, and I was just thinking of putting together some new spoon and leader rigs yesterday.

  3. jack says:


  4. jack says:

    Keep Up The Good Work .THANKS

  5. Mason says:

    thanks Jack, will have more perch stuff soon, started to transition some of the walleye gear in the shop, will be spooling some more perch reels soon

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