Loving Ebay Today

I was in the mood for some shopping yesterday.  Even went down to Bass Pro in Rossford to take a peak at some goodies.  Got home and searched Ebay for my usual interests and found hooks.

Not a huge buy mind you, but the price was so right.  Picked up these up on auction which is sort of out of my norm.  Usually I go for the “buy it now” option so I don’t have to deal with the waiting game.  Nothing worse than having someone swoop in with so little time left that I cannot place another bid and loose something I really wanted.

Wasn’t the case this time though.  I picked up 100 #2 sized hooks for adding to my crawler harness arsenal next year.  Also,  got the same deal on #8 hooks for tying my snells for perch fishing.

The price, a mere 99 cents per each 100 count, and $3.50 in shipping.  At one of the big chain stores, this purchase would have cost me at least 15 bucks per 100 count.  It pays to look once in a while folks.

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