The Swedish Pimple: A Winter Classic

Almost wrote a ” walleye classic ” in the title, but its just not true. Since Pimples come in all sizes, they not only rock while pulling eyes through the ice, but will land anything from crappie and perch to big pike and salmon during the winter.  Like so many original lure companies, the makers of the Swedish Pimple founded their company right here in Michigan.

The Bay de Noc Lure Company is located in Michigan’s Northern Peninsula, right on that other “Walleye Capitol” of the world,  in Gladstone, MI on Little Bay de Noc.

Love a silver alligator pimple, #2 size for both crappie and perch.  Instead of a hammered finish, its a bubbled top that reflects the light below off the front surface of the lure.  Fish them high off the bottom in deep water for crappie, and pound the bottom to stir up the mud for jumbo perch.

Walleye seem to dig a combination of silver and any type of green for the sticker on the front. My fave is what the company calls chartreuse, but its a green in my book..  Depending on where I go, any size from a #3 to #7 seems to do the trick for winter walleyes.  The trick is to find the size just heavy enough to keep your line vertical, and perhaps just slightly being swept away from the hole’s center by some current below.  Keep it on your Vexilar screen, so you can see what is taking place. In some cases snap and jiggle the bait a foot or so off the bottom, or when you have a mucky bottom, pound it so you get a dust cloud poofing up.  This will make a walleye either believe t here is some type of bugs at work, or minnows and perch feeding on those bugs. Either way, it will draw a hungry walleye to the area.

You can rig these baits with anything from maggies and waxworms all the way to torn minnow heads to using the whole shiner with or w/out a stinger.  Pike and Salmon have a hard time refusing smelt or herring too!

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