Walleye Harnesses, time to gear up!

That time of the year again folks.  Have already started snelling my crawler harnesses for this spring and summer, but ran into a fortunate problem to have.  With all the new blade patterns that I picked up from dbfishing.com, I realized that one tote filled with my foam rolls was not going to be enough storage!

Darren did a great job on the new patterns I asked for, and some that you just cannot find anymore.  I really needed to bulk up on my #4 sized colorado blades for the spring and he came through with flying colors on what I wanted to see!

Will be doing more on building your own rigs this week as I start to put the ice gear away and get ready for the start of the walleye season on Lake Erie. Some tricks to help you make your own quickly and some choices on colors…etc.  Its been a couple of years since I really broke down my whole process from start to finish, think its time for a refresher course in walleye rigging 101.

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