How to Bank Fish for Walleye

I get some pretty good questions from time to time through my email address ( ) and one came through a couple of days ago which made me think for a lil’ bit.  Its not often that I cover information that doesn’t deal with fishing from a boat, but today is one of those days, ” How do I fishing for walleyes from a bank?”

First off, the circumstances have to be right.  That means if you are talking about a lake, you will need a fairly good drop off close to shore, or the ability to cast to the other (far) side of a weedline to where it starts to drop off.  Other good spots are river run walleye, or those who stay in the river all year long.

For the river fishing, its hard to beat a lead head jig tipped with a twister tail, and just bounce it along the bottom of the river.  Having a dam nearby with several good holes where the walleye will “pool” up  is a good spot to target.  Or you can go the Maumee route and rig up a carolina rig with an egg sinker and floating jighead n twister tail.

If you are truly hitting the banks of a lake though, its hard to beat a slip bobber rig.  This could be an area where there is a dam, but you are fishing the up side of the flow, or it could be an area like I described earlier.  A long glass rod with a fairly soft tip works best, but if you steelhead fish already, anything from an 8 ft to 9 and half foot rod will do the trick.

Rig a minnow with hook, and lead shot to draw the line through the bobber, or use a small lead head jig.  Set your depth with the bobber stop, you will need to adjust the amount of line until you start getting action on the bobber.  A weighted bobber will allow for longer casts.  You can also use to what is referred as a casting bobber.  Its a clear plastic bobber that you can partially fill with water for longer distances on your casts.

Good luck.

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2 Responses to How to Bank Fish for Walleye

  1. Rob herold says:

    I Saw your tips on how to catch walleye from the bank online. Very good! i have never caught a walleye in my life but i am going to a premeir walleye lake in Colorado in march. i am going to try the Slipp bobber rig with a minnow or a Crawler. Any other things that i should try off the bank>?

  2. Mason says:

    Rob this time of the year I would be using minnows under the slip rig, its what they will be eating the most of as they fatten up for the winter., you might want to rig the bait up with a treble hook, like a size #8 or #10, with any style hook though while casting, I would tear a small piece of rubber band and run it through the hook past the barb, think of it as a hook keeper to prevent the bait from flying off during your cast.

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