Choosing Sunglasses

I  have been debating this for a few years, and finally pulled the trigger last night on a new pair of “good” sunglasses for fishing.

A pair of Costa del Mar’s, in the Brine model.  Ever since my retail days I have wanted a pair of Costa’s and after looking at models, costs and options I placed the order on Ebay. Normally this is not an item I would buy on Ebay, a lot of factors are involved in a purchase like this. But last year I had gone to Bass Pro and tried on several pairs checking for fit, and yes to a certain degree style.  It came down to the Brine model (above) and the Harpoon model below.

The style is fairly close, but with some differences.  The Brine frames came in Matte Black, vs. a shiny finish on the Harpoons.  These are going to fishing glasses, thus the line of thought is the shiny black might show scratches more.  I have a tendency to steam up glasses on hot days, so the vent holes were a feature I was looking for.

Really the most important feature to look for were the lenses, I wanted a blue polarized lens for open water fishing on Lake Erie. Blue is better on the big water.  If I was primarily fishing inland lakes or streams for steelhead and such, I would have gone with the Green mirror below, because of its amber base and the ease to pick things out of shadows.  I almost went that route for my pike and muskie trips, and ok, the green bug look does look cool too.

Then the decision was either go with a glass lens or polycarbonate.  This was actually an easy decision, I relied on people who know and have them already and went with the glass 580 series.  It came highly reccomended from those who own and those who work  with them in sales.

The best part, even though the glasses retail for $239,  I got them on ebay for $158.50 and that included the shipping.  An $80 plus savings.

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