Me on AM Outdoors Radio

Ok, well did the phone interview yesterday for the Duran Martinez’s radio show and must say it went pretty well.  Being my first one, I was just a little bit nervous, not so much on the speaking end of it, but more of the unexpected.  I have been in front of mic’s before during tourney weigh-ins while looking out over large crowds, but this was different.  There was no one there looking back.

Here are the nuts n bolts of it; we talked Father’s Day, some trolling, some perch fishing, spoons, meat rigs, some product news and wrapped it up with using slip bobbers for walleyes on inland lakes.  Its going to air on the main station and the sister one on Saturday, then it gets picked up by 12 different affiliate stations on Sunday. 

Monday, I will get the podcast address and post it for everyone to listen too.  It should be a good one, Brian “Bro” Brosdahl followed me and talked about some MN fishing techniques that should apply well here on our inland lakes!

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