What colors do you run today for Erie Eyes?

Generally speaking, right now you should be running gold and copper colors to match up the bug hatch happening on Erie.  That’s if you  haven’t been out much, and is a good starting point for you.  Once you get out on the lake be ready to change up on the fly and often, and that rule can apply to spoons, as well as the blades on your crawler harnesses.

Since its not often you will catch me running spoons, the rest of this will be about running meat and spinner blades.

Now, if you have been out and been doing fairly well, take a close look at the results of your last trip and use that as your starting point.  Whether you are out with two or three people,  try to dedicate half your rods to the that one color that worked best for you the last time out.  Since I usually go with two people, that would legally allow me to have 9 rods in the water, but since we have 8 rod holders, that would be four of the same color.  I break it down a bit further so that there are two running on each side of the boat. 

What was the hot color last week, since its the bug hatch, Northland Golden Shiner Baitfish Holographic #5 blades were hot.  Three weeks ago it was DBfishing.com’s Anti-freeze blades,  and before that, just about anything with purple was rocking on Erie.

Now if that Golden Shiner continues to produce, like my old football coach used to say, pound it till they stop the play.  Load up in other words and ride that blade until the fish quit hitting then start changing up.  I’ll have four out there already, but will add a couple of more on the other lines to make it six blades the same.  BUT, always keep one or two rods out there that will give the fish a few other options.  That always gives you some more feedback on what to use the next time out as well.

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