Get Ready for the Fall Cranking Season

With the cooler nights and water temps falling its almost time to put those perch rods away.  While some are thinking about putting away the boats for the season, there are those who cannot wait for the time to start pulling crankbaits through the waters of Monroe’s Brest Bay.  It’s almost cranking time again, and the pigs will be roaming the bay.

Time to organize the big lures for the time when the fall hunt for big fish will be on.  Reef Runner 800’s, Storm Deep Thundersticks and Rapala Deep Taildancers and Husky Jerks rule the fall scene out on the big water.  Run them up high where the big girls will be and dial in the speed till they start hitting.





Spool up some fresh line, the extra cost will be worth it when you tie into a 7 lb plus walleye this fall.  It makes no sense to go trophy hunting with line that has been run all summer long with the stress it has  been subjected to. Ten to 20 lb is the range for new line, with 14 or 15 lb test a good middle ground.

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