Perch Fishing: Got Minnows Left Over?

Ever been perch fishing and had minnows left over?  It could have been a day where the perch were not cooperating, or perhaps the weather changed quickly and you had to get off the water fast.  Either way, its a shame to have to dump the money you put into those minnows onto the ground at the end of your trip.  Welcome to the wonderful world of VHS because you just cannot dump them into the lake anymore.

Regardless, its a shame in today’s economy to be wasting money so here is a quick tip.  Wait for the add to come up in your local Meijer’s store or some such type place that sells fish and aquarium supplies.  This is a 10 gallon tank that usually sells for $24.00, you can get them on sale for less than 15 bucks! Or, you could even hit the garage sale circuit and perhaps get a bigger tank for less. 

Filtered water or well water is the key, the filter system was crap so about every other day or so, I have to change out the water.  To help keep the fish calm and healthy, fill up an old water bottle about 3/4ths of the way, and freeze.  This will help to keep the fish cool, stress free and will slow down their metabolism. Oxygen can be added by what comes with the tank, or Metal Marine makes a nice single or double 110 volt model that you can plug in anywhere.

Its also a great idea to have during the winter, comes in handy when crappie fishing or chasing walleyes around the lake!

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2 Responses to Perch Fishing: Got Minnows Left Over?

  1. Adam says:

    Very Nice. I bet the X2 Product used to improve oxygen levels and slime coat in weigh fish would help the bait as well.

  2. Mason says:

    nice touch Bomber, had not thought of that, tks!

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