GPS, What’s new???

After last season on the ice I decided to upgrade my old Garmin Etrex model GPS’s to one that would take the map cards.  The same SD cards that go into your open water fishing and/or mapping  units.  Being the frugal type person that I am, I went with the Lowrance XOG.  In fact, found one on ebay for $170 something that included shipping.

Even though Lowrance has discontinued the product, they are still available, and are the perfect “cross-over” to meet my needs.  Not only can I use the unit to get to the lake I want to fish, but I can install a map card and use it on the lake, too.  The nice thing about the XOG is that I can now have a bigger screen than anything found in the “handheld” category of GPS’s available.

With the RAM mounts available, it can be easily mounted to the Polaris.  Touch pad tech, means no more fumbling with knobs or small buttons that are hard to get to with smaller units in their cradles.  Bigger screen means it will be easier to pick up landmarks on the fly.

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