We Aren’t There Yet

But the time is fast approaching.  Think we jumped the gun just a lil’ bit last Saturday in the decision to pull cranks through Brest Bay.  The action was slow and the reason was confirmed with a phone call to “The Fisherman’s Cave” while out on the water.

Originally I just called during the all day lull in the action to get some background information for the Luna Pier action at night.  What I got was some good info on what is happening out on the lake in a detailed report.  They have a full supply of Jointed Bombers in stock, and that the action on the pier should really turn on when the water temps reach 53 degrees in the evening.

To help keep track of the Lake Erie temps, there is this link located on the Michigan DNRe’s website.


Look at the map on top of the page, and click on Lake Erie, then hit the Western Basin when prompted.  If you are interested in other areas on the Great Lakes, you can follow the same procedure to get the current water temps. 

If the cloud cover is too think though, they won’t be available until it clears up.  As of now, temps are in the high 50’s and low 60’s.  With the cooler nights and days predicted for the next week, we should see a radical drop soon with our longer nights.

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