The Next Bite and the Ice Men on Versus

I caught a new show for Versus yesterday afternoon, The Next Bite.  It was all about trolling down by the Bass Islands in the spring during the temperature transition time period.  That time slot when it could go either way with the type of lures that you use, cranks or harnesses.

It revolves around that 50 degree mark we all watch that says its time to put away the cranks and break out the crawler spinner rigs. Not familiar with this little golden rule of trolling?  Below 50′ and you should be pulling cranks behind your boards, anything above and its time to dunk some worms behind the spinner blades.

But, like anything in fishing, every golden rule has some wiggle room.  When the temps hover right around that 50′ mark, +/- a degree, it becomes a gray area.  The topic of the show dealt with that very slot, and started pulling meat and cranks during the same sets.  Not a set on television show where the action takes place, but when you put your boards out, they are often referred to as your “set”.

Anyway, with any show about fishing, I was looking for content instead of flash.  The Next Bite provided both, but with more content than most shows.  Have heard for years guys tinkering with putting a piece of crawler on the belly hook of the crank, and they even said they will put a chunk of Gulp on as well.  Already started the wheels spinning, and think I nice big ol’ Jumbo Wedgee from Little Atom might be a nice added attraction to try this spring.

If you want to catch this particular show again on trolling walleyes on Lake Erie, you can watch again Thursday morning at 7:30 am, or set your recorder type device to tape/save it.

If you aren’t ready to start thinking about open water fishing  just yet and still need to get  your ice fix going, then tune in at 9:30 Wednesday morning to watch the Ice Men.  Its the start of season 3 I believe, and might show some of the action from the championship just completed in Rhinelander, Wisconsin the weekend before Christmas.

This season promises more in depth, how to stuff.  Again, more content than fluff.  What every angler really wants, more fishing and the techniques used to get the job done.  Looking forward to see how the changes pan out.

For those of you wanting to see what the competition is all about, you have to sign up and fish the Hamlin Lake event in Ludington, Michigan the weekend of the 16th in January.  The team is heading up Thursday night to get a couple of days of pre-fishing in before the Sunday tourney.  For more information, go to  !

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