Schooley Reels: Easy Modification

By popular request,  here is an additional piece on the modification for the Schooley reels that was discussed last week.  Actually, they just wanted to see the pictures 🙂  But, it also gives me the chance to go into a little more detail on how to make the reel a little more effective and at the same time, reliable.

Since all the reels have already had their reel seat section trimmed I cannot show you the before picture.  In most cases I just took the plastic section, placed it into a vise and saw right behind the molded guide. Actually you can take some more of the seat off if you are planning on putting them on a rod with a smaller handle.  These rods, or at least most of them in the pics are St. Croix Premier 24″ Ultra Lights, so there is plenty of handle.  You can also see the 5 minute, 2 part epoxy that I use to secure the wrap.  Pretty sure that is also available from Jann’s Netcraft, and online at their website.


In this picture below are the Fuji line guides that I picked up from Jann’s at their retail location.  They are a size 16.


Unfortunately I do not have pictures to take you step by step through the process, but it really is fairly easy.  Take your guide, and place on the handle of the rod, line it up with the first eye on the rod blank.  For a thread, I recycle old braid like Power Pro and Fireline.  After mixing a small amount (equal parts) of the epoxy, apply some to the rod handle and begin wrapping your “thread”.  Once you have finished wrapping and have completely secured the guide’s foot to the handle, apply additional epoxy and spread evenly over your wrappings..  Let dry for five to ten minutes and you are ready to attach your reel seat.



The picture below really shows well just how close you want the reel to be to the guide that you just installed onto the handle.


It really is a fairly easy procedure, and well worth the little bit of time it takes to get it done.  Once you do, they slide really easy into a bucket where I inserted some PVC rod holders.

This way I can have that one and another bucket full of setups, plus my Vexilar/Ice Hopper rig all secure in a three bucket holder that mounts on the back of the Polaris while roaming the ice.

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